Massive Attack is an official map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the July 2020 update.


The map is horizontally symmetrical and contains two zones. Rope fences completely block off the center bottom and top creating small openings and passageways for the zones. Launch pads near each team launch Brawlers to the left zone while launch pads within the left zone launch Brawlers to the right zone. The right zone can also be accessed through a four tile wide entrance in the right side of the map.


  • Try to go into the side bushes to easily cover the right zone without being seen.
  • Throwers are great at this map because throwers can attack enemies within and outside zones without the risk of enemies dodging most of their shots.
  • Throwers should not enter zones, as to not be finished off by more tanky, close-ranged Brawlers. Instead, they should provide support form behind obstacles.
  • If covering the left zone, take the left launch pad unless teammates have a Brawler that can create openings.
  • Jacky can be used to deal massive damage to multiple enemies in a Zone as they have very little means of escape.
  • Emz and Poco can freely attack Brawlers trapped in a zone. They should stay outside these zones, supporting their team until they are free to control them.
  • The 3x1 horizontal fencing in the right zone provides a reasonable amount of protection from Brawlers in the left zone.
  • Tick's mines can be thrown into the zone accessible to the enemy via launch pads just before the enemy lands to trap them in an enclosed space full of mines, dealing devastating damage.
  • Do not go through the passageway between the two zones. Doing so leaves Brawlers open for opponents to burst them down without notice.
  • Use Gale with his Spring Ejector Gadget to jump on the other zone without using the long way.
  • Tick's mines can be thrown in the zone while him standing behind the wall which separates him from the zone.
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