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"Maisie works as a safety coordinator, but deep down she enjoys dangerous situations. Sometimes, it almost feels like she has a hand in creating them."
Maisie Portrait

Maisie is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 in Season 18: The Rescue, or can be obtained from the Starr Road. She has moderate health, a high damage output, and a long range. She attacks by shooting a cloud from her fire extinguisher that initially starts slow, but travels faster the further it goes. Her Super is a large shockwave that pushes all nearby enemies back while also damaging them. Her first Gadget, Disengage!, allows her to dash a few tiles in the direction she is facing, briefly stunning enemies. Her second Gadget, Finish Them!, instantly reloads 1 ammo, and increases her next attack's damage when she hits an enemy. Her first Star Power, Pinpoint Precision, increases her attack damage if it hits an enemy at maximum range. Her second Star Power, Tremors, slows all enemies hit by her Super temporarily. Her Hypercharge, Aftermath, makes her Super fire main attack in all directions.

Attack: Pressure Rocket

"The further you run, the faster Maisie's rocket will reach you."

Maisie fires a long-ranged cloud projectile that deals high damage. The projectile initially starts slow, but it travels faster the further it goes. However, its damage output remains the same.

Super: Shockwave

"Don't get too close or a personal space will be created for you."

After a 0.5-second delay, Maisie creates a shockwave in a 3.33-tile radius around herself that pushes all enemies in a 1.67-tile radius away from her while also dealing damage to them. This effect can go through walls. If Maisie is hit with a stun, pull, or knockback during the delay, her Super is cancelled.



"Maisie blasts the ground, stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds while dashing forward."

Maisie dashes 2.67 tiles in the direction she is facing upon using this Gadget. If she activates it next to an enemy, they will get stunned for 0.5 seconds. However, it is cancelled if she is stunned, pulled, or knocked back, and she cannot dash through walls or water and the dash will be interrupted if she dashes into any of them.

Finish Them!

"Maisie instantly reloads 1 ammo and increases the next Pressure Rocket damage by 30% of the target's missing HP."

Upon activation, Maisie's next attack instantly reloads 1 ammo, and increases her next attack's damage by 30% of the opponent's missing health. The Gadget's effect won't work on immobile targets like Heist safes. The cloud also gets bigger, and an orange trail that replaces the standard trail. A Gadget symbol will glow above Maisie's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick.

Star Powers

Pinpoint Precision

"Pressure rocket deals 20% more damage at max distance."

With this Star Power equipped, Maisie's attack damage is increased by 20%, if it hits a target at maximum range. This stacks with other damage boosts such as 8-Bit's Super. However, this Star Power does not affect her Finish Them! Gadget.


"Enemies hit by Shockwave are also slowed down for 2 seconds."

Enemies hit by Maisie's Super will be slowed for 2 seconds. This doesn't affect other aspects of her Super.

Hypercharge: Aftermath

"Maisie's Super also shoots her basic attack projectiles around her to all directions."

When activated, Maisie's Super also sends out 6 main attack projectiles radially. Similar to Hank's Super, the pattern is fixed, with 60 degrees between each cloud, and it doesn't rotate with the projectile's angle. Maisie's Hypercharge deals devastating damage at point-blank range where more clouds and her Super can hit the enemy. She also gains a 26% speed boost, a 25% damage boost, as well as a 5% shield boost.


  • Never auto-aim your shots when using Maisie, unless your opponent is right in front of you, as with the starting slow projectile speed, it most likely won't work.
  • A trick to use with her Super is to activate it, then use Disengage! to dash onto an enemy. With her Tremors Star Power, this should catch the enemy by surprise, and if they are on low health, it is easier to finish them off with her attack.
  • When aiming your Super as Maisie, try to corner brawlers into walls and activate your Super as you walk towards them. This will make it so that your Super hits accurately and you can cycle it back quickly thanks to a limited area available for your enemies to run.
  • Maisie can defend herself well against close-range Brawlers, try to use this to your advantage by either dashing away or pushing back close-range Brawlers that sneak up on you like Edgar. With the added slow from her Tremors Star Power, you can also efficiently charge her Super, due to the enemies being slowed.
  • Maisie struggles against long-range Brawlers like Piper, but once Maisie can get in range, she can easily take them out. A good way to get in range, is to try and predict the shot of your enemy, dodge it, while also slowly moving closer to them.
  • If you're in a match facing an assassin, use Disengage! to stun them and dash away if they get too close to you. If you're facing any tanks, then use the Finish Them! gadget. A good tip would be to first attack them once or twice, then activate Finish Them! to wipe out their health.
  • Maisie's Super is excellent for crowd control and pushing back enemies. Use it strategically in tight situations or to clear the area around an objective, such as the Gem Mine in Gem Grab or the Brawl Ball goal.
  • To be effective with Maisie's attack, practice leading your shots. Anticipate where the enemy will be by the time the projectile reaches them, and adjust your aim accordingly. Accuracy and leading are critical for landing consistent shots.
  • In certain game modes, controlling the bushes can provide a significant advantage. As a long-range Brawler, you can keep enemies at bay by shooting into bushes and denying them access to key areas. This method is effective in areas such as Hot Zone and Gem Grab.
  • With a limited ammo capacity, it's very important that you make every shot count. Avoid spamming her main shots at random and try to land shots consistently to make sure you hit an opponent. Even though Maisie has a fast unload speed, its still important to make sure you land your shots and focus on aspects such as timing.
  • Maisie is a solid pick in Brawl Ball. Her Super, combined with her Tremors Star Power and Disengage! Gadget, can make the enemy drop the ball, push them away from the goal, stun them briefly, slow them, or provide area control if the enemies are grouping up together to defend their goal. This makes her a highly versatile Brawler in the mode; her very fast Super charge rate and high damage output allows her to eliminate enemies quickly if they're fired accurately.
  • Maisie can work well with Brawlers that provide healing, especially portable healing like Byron to help her even more against sneak attacks. This allows her to stay in the battle longer and maintain map control.
  • Maisie can take out a large and consistent amount of damage from the enemy's safe in Heist. Since the safe is a stationary object, her shots are guaranteed to hit. She can deal 10160 damage with three ammo and a super, and if there are multiple defending enemies in range, she could potentially chain Supers and repeatedly take out the enemy's safe's health. Her reload speed is quite reasonable, and her damage is consistent. Maisie's Super is great for defense as well, as it pushes enemies away from the safe and slows them down if she has her Tremors Star Power equipped, allowing her to take out the enemy and potentially chain another Super.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
*grunts* "You are about to feel the heat."
"At least, I went down in a blaze of glory."
"I might be armless, but I'm in no way harmless."


  • 25/04/23:
  • 01/05/23:
    • Neutral Maisie, her Tech, and her Jungle Queen skin were added to the game.
  • 27/06/23:
    • Buff Maisie's main attack projectile speed was increased.
    • Buff Maisie's Pinpoint Precision Star Power damage bonus was increased to 20% (from 10%).
    • Neutral Maisie's Disengage! Gadget was reworked from making her dash 2.67 tiles in the opposite direction she is facing to making her dash 2.67 tiles in the direction she is facing.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 11/09/23:
    • Neutral The Marauder Maisie skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 20 and a Wasteland skin.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Maisie's Aftermath Hypercharge was added.
    • Neutral Maisie's flavor text was changed from "POP POP POP! Is that popcorn or enemies succumbing?" to "Maisie works as a safety coordinator, but deep down she enjoys dangerous situations. Sometimes, it almost feels like she has a hand in creating them."
  • 12/12/23:
    • Neutral Maisie's rarity was changed to Epic (from Chromatic).
  • 07/02/24:
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Maisie's Super was increased to 4 hits (from 3).
  • 27/02/24:
    • Nerf Maisie's Aftermath Hypercharge speed boost was decreased to 26% (from 30%).
    • Nerf Maisie's Aftermath Hypercharge shield boost was decreased to 5% (from 15%).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' Hypercharges duration can no longer be extended.
    • Neutral Maisie's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 25/06/24:
    • Buff Maisie's Super recharge rate was increased slightly.


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Skin Pins
Maisie Skin-Default
Maisie Pin-Neutral


Maisie Pin-Happy


Maisie Pin-Sad


Maisie Pin-Angry


Maisie Pin-GG


Maisie Pin-Clap


Maisie Pin-Thanks


Maisie Pin-Phew


Maisie Pin-Special


Maisie Pin-Facepalm


Maisie Pin-Hypercharge


Maisie Skin-Jungle Queen
Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Neutral


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Happy


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Sad


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Angry


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-GG


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Clap


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Thanks


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Phew


Maisie Jungle Queen Pin-Special


Maisie Skin-Marauder
Maisie Marauder Pin-Special






Maisie Hypercharge-Spray

Maisie Hypercharge


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