Machine Zone is an official map for the Boss Fight event.


The map is fairly confined. Far from the center are wall clusters scattered across the map. Boxes and barrels are found here as well, but they function like the other wall clusters. The center is open and lacks openings aside from the center bottom and top.


  • The boss can't destroy the scarce amount of walls at the easier levels of Boss Fight, so take advantage of the walls to dodge the boss's bullet pattern preferably the ones near the center.
  • Brawlers should stay close to the center where they have a lower chance of being trapped.
  • Near the edges of the map are open but small areas. Sharpshooters can bait Brawlers here so that they can handle them better.
  • The center left is also open as well, Brawlers can destroy a few barrels to connect these two areas together.
  • The 2x2 walls can be used late in the match to deal quick point-blank shots to the boss. This strategy is most effective when used by heavyweights such as Bull and Darryl .
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