"Lou is a cool guy, literally! He can dole out all kinds of chill stuff. But watch your step on the ice, and be careful not to get brain freeze!"
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Lou is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 from Season 4: Holiday Getaway or from Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30 in his featured season. Lou has below-average damage and health but has support mechanics in both his attack and Super. Lou throws damaging snow cones at opponents, which apply Frost that stun the enemy when completely filled. His Super creates a fairly large area of ice that slows down enemies and makes it harder to maneuver. His Gadget, Ice Block, makes him immune to all damage for a brief amount of time. His first Star Power, Supercool, makes opponent's Frost meter fill up while they are in Lou's Super area of effect. His second Star Power, Hypothermia, decreases opponent's reload speed depending on their Frost.

Attack: Brain Freeze

"Barraging opponents with snow cones, Lou can eventually freeze them in place for 1.0 seconds."
Frost Meter.png

Lou throws 3 snow cones in quick succession that deal moderate-low damage in a straight line. After hitting an opponent with even just one snow cone, a Frost meter will appear to the left of the enemy Brawler's name. Each snow cone applies the same Frost percentage as his Super charge rate, 14.3%. After the opponent has their Frost meter filled they will get stunned in place for 1 second. If Frost is not applied for 2 seconds, the Frost meter will begin to deplete by 5% every second. Frost can stack with multiple Lous. This attack takes 0.45 seconds to complete.

Super: Can-Do

"Lou lobs a can of freezing cold syrup that creates an icy, slippery area on the ground. Very tough for his opponents' fancy footwork!"

Lou throws syrup and creates a slippery area on the field. Any enemy Brawler who changes direction while moving on the area will get slowed down, but this does not affect Lou or allies. Sharp direction changes will stop movement altogether for a short period of time.

Gadget: Ice Block

"Lou shields himself with ice, becoming invulnerable for 1.0 seconds."

Lou becomes completely immune to all damage for 1 second aside from knock-backs and stuns. Lou cannot move, attack, or use his Super while this Gadget is active.

Star Powers


"Opponents standing on Lou's Super area get gradually frozen, like from his Brain Freeze attack."

Lou's Super will now slowly apply 14% Frost every second onto enemies. This effect does stack with his regular attack, so an enemy standing in the area who gets attacked by Lou will be frozen faster.


"Opponents lose up to 35% of their reload speed based on how frozen they are from Lou's attacks."

Opponents lose 4% of their reload speed for every tick of Frost up to 35%. This maxes at 43.75% Frost or roughly 3 attacks. This only applies to that single Lou; another Lou with Supercool cannot slow down an opponent's reload speed, for example.


  • His Super can completely cover zones in Hot Zone. He can use this to his and his team's advantage to scare enemies out of the zone or attack struggling enemies with ease.
  • Since his Super makes enemies slow down once they change direction, enemies will have to keep moving in the same direction to escape. This can be useful to Lou since it makes enemy movement more predictable, making shots easier to hit. Heavyweight teammates will also be able to make use of struggling Brawlers to quickly charge their Super.
  • Lou can be powerful in Brawl Ball because his main attack can stun foes, making them drop the ball with a few quick shots.
  • Lou's Super can be very effective with long-range allies. Since his Super blocks free movement, strafing becomes difficult to perform for the enemy. As a result, the enemies' movement becomes much more predictable, and they can be hit easily.
  • The more speed a Brawler has, the more they are going to struggle changing directions in Lou's Super. This makes Lou an ideal counter to speedy Brawlers like Max and Mortis. His Super can be used to maintain area control in a crucial area like the Gem Mine in Gem Grab or a zone in Hot Zone.
  • Lou's projectiles take some time to travel, so keep that in mind while trying to fight enemy Brawlers. Maintaining your range is very important with Lou who is also crippled by sub-par damage.
  • In Boss Fight or Robo Rumble, similarly to Bibi, Lou can stun the Big robot and cancel out an attack it was performing. Due to Lou's fast reload speed, he can do this consistently. These few extra seconds can affect the outcome of the match drastically. This method also works in Siege when defending.
  • In Boss Fight, Lou can use his Ice Block Gadget at just the right time to block a potentially deadly laser or rocket. This is especially useful if Lou's teammates are low on health and he/they need to retreat. Refrain from doing this to protect from a melee attack, as Lou is immobile while using this Gadget.
  • When escaping an enemy Lou's Super, if possible, it is almost always better to turn lightly, up to 90 degrees, instead of making a U-turn as the deceleration would be limited by Lou's Super.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Keep it frosty!"
"Oh my days!"
"Bad to the cone."
"I got crushed!"
"Feel the freeze!"
"Slip n' slide!"
"Try a blizz ball y'all!"
"I'm in the cone zone!"
"Gosh golly!"
"Easy breezy!"
"Shame on you!"
"You want ice with that?"
"New and improved flavor sauce!"
"Uncle Lou is here for you!"
"Y'all be lovin' the sour apples flavor!"
"Gee willikers!"
"You got coned!"
Lou cries
"Have a blizz ball!"
"100% certified flavor sauce!"
"I'm just shootin' the freeze!"
"Freeze frame, I'm winnin' the game!"
"You're on thin ice, my friend!"
"I'm frostalicious!"
"Don't you worry, I'll be right back!"
"Filled with vitamin G!"
"Now with 12% more goodness!"
"B-B-B-B-Brain freeze!"
"Raspberry crush!"
"Uncle Lou needs a rest."
"I got the drip to make you slip!"
"Gee-whiz, try a blizz!"
"Blueberry twirl!"
"I got the sauce!"
"A frosty treat that'll keep you on your feet!"
"Mango tango."
Lou laughs
"Try a blizz ball, y'all!"


  • 23/11/20:
    • Lou and his King skin were added to the game. Neutral
  • 24/11/20:
    • Lou's health was increased to 3100 (from 2800). Buff
    • His main attack damage was increased to 400 (from 380) per snow cone. Buff
    • His Supercool effectiveness was increased by 40%. Buff
  • 22/12/20:
    • Lou's Star Power Hypothermia was added. Neutral


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