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This article describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Collect Stars by defeating enemy players. Every time you defeat an enemy, the bounty on your head increases by one Star. The one with the most Stars wins when the clock runs out."
Lone Star

In the Lone Star Event, there are 10 players who start with 2 stars each. The objective is to eliminate enemy players and have the highest amount of stars at the end of the 2 minutes (similar to Bounty). When a Brawler is defeated, their bounty gets added to the Brawler who defeated them, increasing their bounty by 1 star, up to 7. When a Brawler dies, their bounty is reset to 2 stars. Each Brawler's bounty is indicated above their head.

Prior to 2021 in Lone Star, there was a single star in the middle of each map for players to pick up at the beginning of a match. The star had been removed when it was temporarily re-added into the game in 2021.

Useful Brawlers

  • Bull and Darryl: Both of their Supers allows him to easily close the distance and burst down squishy targets. Bull can also use his Tough Guy Star Power and his T-Bone Injector Gadget to survive longer, and Bull can deal higher burst damage than Darryl. However, Darryl’s Super recharges automatically, so Darryl can pick fights on his terms (preferably against low-health targets walking near bushes) without needing to deal damage to set himself up. They both have high health and a high damage output, making them solid for Lone Star.
  • Lou: Just like in Bounty, he can make enemies struggle to launch attacks or move with his Super, and he can quickly kill enemies due to his attack’s stunning ability.
  • Piper: Piper deals high damage per shot and can easily take down most Brawlers with 2 or 3 shots. Paired with her very long range, she can easily steal other players' knock-outs without risk to herself. However, she struggles to deal with Brawlers close range so always try to reposition with her Super.
  • Bo: Bo has long range and high damage if all 3 shots hit. Bo can steal knock-outs from afar and isn't afraid to fight close range either. His Circling Eagle gives him a massive advantage on good bush spots while Snare a Bear gives him ample time to take out unfortunate Brawlers.
  • Gene: His Super allows him to easily grab other Brawlers and finish them off when they are low on health. Gene has good chip damage and his Super charges relatively quickly. His large range can be useful for poking other Brawlers, but be careful of getting your knock-outs stolen.
  • Leon: As an assassin, Leon excels at prowling around the map and quickly dispatching enemies, then escaping further fire with his Super. He deals good damage up close but also has decent range which can charge up his Super relatively quickly. Leon's Smoke Trails does give him extra speed during his Super which can be beneficial for finding other Brawlers and getting close on them.
  • Gale: Gale’s fast reload and attack cooldown, long range, and decent damage make him a solid long-ranged chipper for Lone Star. With his Super, he can distance himself from close-ranged Brawlers and attack from a range, and he can force enemies into other enemies. In addition, his Blustery Blow Star Power allows for a minor amount of time to quickly knock-out enemies. His Freezing Snow Star Power can also prevent escaping enemies by attacking them. Gale may also escape from enemies with his Spring Ejector Gadget.
  • Sandy: Sandy's Super takes up a large area, enabling Sandy to cover a lot of ground in order to sneak up on enemies on more open maps, shutting the sharpshooters with low health down. His main attack also has medium range and damage, allowing him to knock-out steal very easily and charge up his Super very fast.
  • Stu: Stu has good range and great mobility, which are ideal for Lone Star. Only requiring 1 hit to charge his Super, Stu can quickly charge it at a fairly safe distance, and use it to quickly approach enemies and poke them or charge at them with his Super. Both of Stu's Star Powers helps him out significantly, although Gaso-Heal is slightly more preferable because it increases his survivability.
  • Edgar: Though there are no bushes, Edgar can still use walls and other cover to his advantage to get closer to enemies, and just like in Showdown, he can be a great ambusher and jump onto enemies, getting quick kills, though he struggles to deal with enemies without his Super, Let’s Fly Gadget, or cover, so utilizing these techniques is a priority if playing him.
  • Crow: Crow is useful with his ability to both chip away at enemies and steal kills, Crow is a very solid Brawler. With his fast movement speed and Defense Booster Gadget, he can escape from sticky situations, as well as secure defeats with his Super.


  • Unlike Showdown, the number of Brawlers does not go down, so be watchful and avoid getting pinched between multiple Brawlers.
  • Elimination stealing is very effective in Lone Star. Not only do you have to use less ammo to get the elimination, you also won't take as much damage.


  • On 18/09/19, the Lone Star event was added to the game.
  • On 23/10/19, the player rank is now displayed numerically in the top right corner of the screen. Fixed a bug where the player did not get their bounty increased in Lone Star if Penny's turret exploded while the projectile was mid-air.
  • On 23/01/20, Lone Star was removed from the game.
  • On 24/04/21, Lone Star was added back to the game as a weekend Event playable every two weeks. The yellow star in the middle had been removed. The timer had also been adjusted to 2:30 (from 2:00).
  • On 23/05/21, Lone Star was removed from the game.