Brawl Stars Wiki

There are various hints that show up on the loading screen during matchmaking. Hints give insights and tips about gameplay.



  • Jessie's damage decreases every time her attack bounces off an enemy.
  • Each time Rico's bullets bounce they travel farther.
  • Penny can deal a lot of damage with her splash attack if her targets line up.
  • When Carl's pickaxe hits an obstacle, it bounces off and returns, letting Carl throw it again faster.
  • Always watch out for Bo's mines, they could be anywhere!
  • Piper's shots do more damage the farther they travel.
  • Frank stops to perform his attack and Super, giving an opportunity for his opponents to get out of his range.
  • Edgar heals every time he lands a punch!
  • Gene can poke at the enemy and charge his Super with his split attack!
  • Colette can deal massive damage when attacking tanky Brawlers!
  • Lou's Super is great for area control, use it wisely on key points of the map!
  • Janet shoots farther, the longer you aim her attack.

Friendly Matches[]

  • Try playing friendly games to practice events, set up friendly competitions and more!
  • After a good match with new teammates, you can press the Play Again to play another match with them!
  • Friendly games let you pick any event and map. Brawlers will also be fully upgraded!
  • Use Friendly Battles to practice and improve your skills.


  • Getting more Brawlers will make it easier to advance in total Trophies and get more Rewards.
  • Your Total trophy count is a combination of all your Brawlers' individual trophies.
  • If your teammates are defeated, wait for them to respawn before charging in together!
  • Certain Brawlers have Traits! Check them in the Brawl Stats screen.
  • Use Pins and Sprays in-game to express your emotions.


  • You can invite Club members to be your friends from the Club member list.
  • You can invite people from a Team you're on to be your friends.
  • After a few good games with somebody, you can invite them to be your friend from the suggested friend list.
  • Use the "Look for a team" feature if you play Challenges!
  • If you're not in a Club, join a Club!


  • Matchmaking is based on the Trophies of the Brawler you are playing with, making it easy to gain Trophies with a newly unlocked Brawler.
  • Getting a team together before a match allows you to plan before the match and pick a good combination of Brawlers.


  • Connect to Supercell ID from the settings screen to keep your account safe and play with multiple devices. You also get a free skin by doing this!
  • NEVER share your Supercell ID security codes! Keep your account safe from scammers.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Make sure to use a Creator Code in the Shop.