Brawl Stars Wiki

There are various hints that show up on the loading screen during matchmaking. Hints give insights and tips about gameplay.


  • You can TAP the red control to QUICKFIRE towards the closest enemy.
  • You can TAP the yellow control to QUICKFIRE your Super towards the closest enemy.
  • You can DRAG the red control to AIM your shots.
  • You can DRAG the yellow control to AIM your Super.
  • You can cancel an aimed shot by dragging the control back to the middle.
  • Matchmaking is based on the Trophies of the Brawler you are playing with, making it easy to gain Trophies with a newly unlocked Brawler.
  • Getting more Brawlers will make it easier to advance in total Trophies and get more Rewards.
  • Piper's shots do more damage the farther they travel.
  • Barley's Super is especially powerful at short range, because the bottles land within a small area.
  • Each time Rico's bullets bounce they travel farther.
  • You can activate the red control anywhere on the right side of the screen to shoot.
  • Your attack and Super both have two shooting modes: TAP to QUICKFIRE and DRAG to AIM.
  • Aiming your shots is good for leading a moving target.
  • QUICKFIRE is good for fast reaction shots when you don't have time to aim.
  • QUICKFIRE works well on enemies close to you.
  • When you are hidden inside a bush, enemies can still spot you if they come close enough.
  • QUICKFIRE shoots straight towards the closest enemy and does not take into account enemy movement.
  • Aiming your shots is good for shooting into bushes to check for enemies.
  • QUICKFIRE works well on enemies that stand still.
  • QUICKFIRE works well on enemies that move straight towards you or away from you.
  • When you are inside a bush, enemies can see you if you attack or take damage.
  • You can use bushes to hide from enemies.
  • When you use QUICKFIRE, it will fire your weapon even if there are no enemies in range.
  • Some Brawlers are better on some maps and events than others.
  • Long range Brawlers are generally better on more open maps.
  • Close range Brawlers are generally better on maps with more cover and bushes.
  • Penny can deal a lot of damage with her splash attack if her targets line up.
  • Getting a team together before a match allows you to plan before the match and pick a good combination of Brawlers.
  • Try playing friendly games to practice events, set up friendly competitions and more!
  • After a good match with new teammates, you can press the Play Again to play another match with them!
  • Friendly games let you pick any event and map. Brawlers will also be fully upgraded!
  • Frank stops to perform while his attack and Super is going on, giving an opportunity for his opponents to get out of his range.
  • Special Events don't reward trophies. Play them to win tokens for Brawl Pass.
  • You can invite Club members to be your friends from the Club member list.
  • You can invite people from a Team you're on to be your friends.
  • After a few good games with somebody, you can invite them to be your friend from the suggested friend list.
  • A rotating blue circle under a Brawler means their Super is ready!
  • A rotating yellow circle under a Brawler means they are currently targeting their Super!
  • Connect to Supercell ID from the settings screen to keep your account safe and play with multiple devices. You also get a free skin by doing this!
  • Your Total trophy count is a combination of all your Brawlers' individual trophies.
  • When not attacking or taking damage for a while, your Brawler starts to heal up.
  • When Carl's pickaxe hits an obstacle, it bounces off and returns, letting Carl throw it again faster.