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Lit Match is an official map for the Big Game event.


There are four rows of candles, bushes and U-shaped walls. There are also two 4x4 bushes in the top right and bottom left corner. The bushes and pathways are narrow. This map is diagonally symmetrical except the two batches of candles at the middle of this map.


  • Breakable objects like skulls and candles extend Darryl’s roll and Bull's charge by over 10 tiles. This means that both of these Brawlers are extremely effective as the Big Brawler, because they can use their Supers to escape from enemies or to spring onto vulnerable enemies. Bear in mind that it is not advisable to destroy permanent cover such as fences when playing short ranged Brawlers because they can be useful when avoiding enemy fire.
  • When playing as a Boss Hunter, try to destroy as many candles as possible. Destroying those surrounded by walls allows throwers to have more space behind the wall to attack the opponent(s) with more advantage.
  • This map may seem very crowded and closed, but it lacks solid blocks. This makes Brawlers like Bea very useful due to the openness.
  • This map has pathways that are small, so it is better to use a Brawler's Super that could break walls and bushes to help long-ranged Brawlers get within range. Shelly's and Colt's Super are excellent examples.
  • Place Mr P's home base and Penny's Mortar behind the U-shaped wall facing up or inside the U-shaped wall facing down (depending on how high up the map your team is). This way, it will be harder for them to be targeted by enemies.
  • As a Big Brawler, stay close to the U-shaped walls for protection. At the start of the match enter the 2x4 bush to the right of one rather than the larger 4x4 bush which can lead to you being cornered.
  • Use the U-shaped fences to your advantage. Sprout as the Big Brawler can use them to its advantage, but only if the Boss Hunters do not have wall-breaking or obstacle-bypassing mechanics.
  • Gale can be a good option as the Big Brawler. His Star Power Blustery Blow can stun hunters, allowing him to defeat them quickly and his Spring Ejector Gadget allows him to jump over walls and escape from enemy fire easily. His Super is also very effective at pushing back enemy Brawlers a significant amount, giving him time to heal up and consolidate his positioning. He is also great as a hunter, because he can hit all of his projectiles easily and he can use his Super to corner the Big Boss.
  • Sprout is a very significant Big Brawler as it can shield itself inside of the U-shaped walls using its Super. Though throwers can shoot over walls, Sprout can attack back while stuck in its hole. Sprout can also go out at short points of time using its Transplant Star Power.


  • On 11/11/20, Lit Match was added to the game.
  • On 27/01/21, the environment of Lit Match was changed from the Mortuary theme to the Canyon theme.
  • On 05/09/23, Lit Match was removed from the game.