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"A nerd at heart and a total witchcraft buff, Lily's thirst for knowledge once led her into the Enchanted Woods, where an incident involving a firefly and a carnivorous plant would change her life forever..."
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Lily is a Mythic Brawler who has moderate health, a moderate damage output, and a very fast movement speed. Her Trait allows her to passively charge her Super if an enemy Brawler is within her radius. Lily attacks by jabbing a short-ranged thorn at enemies. She has 2 ammo with a fast reload speed. For her Super, she shoots a large fruit that, upon hitting an enemy Brawler, teleports her behind them, dealing damage in the process. Her first Gadget, Vanish, temporarily transports her to the Shadow Realm. Her second Gadget, Repot, makes her next Super lob over obstacles, teleporting her to where it lands, and dealing splash damage to enemies. Her first Star Power, Spiky, adds damage to her next attack after she teleports. Her second Star Power, Vigilance, increases her movement speed if an enemy is inside her Trait's Super charging area.


"This Brawler charges Super from staying close to opposing enemies."

Lily's Trait is a 6-tile circle around her. Similar to Buzz, all enemy Brawlers within this circle charge Lily's Super by 6.75% per second each or over 15 seconds for one enemy. She charges her Super faster if there are multiple enemies inside the radius. Her Super still charges even with invisible or bush-camping enemies, but it does not charge when inside the Shadow Realm. Ally Lilys will have their Trait radius shown, while enemy Lilys will have their Trait radius hidden.

Attack: Thorn in the Side

"Lily stabs in front of her with her thorns, dealing damage."

Lily throws out a short-ranged, piercing thorn. The attack cooldown is extremely short, and it takes 0.4 seconds to complete. Lily has two ammo slots.

Super: Flourish

"Throw a seed in a straight line. If it hits an enemy, Lily teleports behind them."

Lily shoots out a large fruit that, upon hitting an enemy Brawler, instantly teleports her behind wherever the target Brawler was facing, and deals damage. However, she will not teleport if the Super does not hit an enemy.



"Lily enters the Shadow Realm for 3 seconds."

Lily goes into the Shadow Realm for 3 seconds. Lily will turn invisible, but her allies can see where she's moving within the Shadow Realm. Unlike Cordelius, she cannot bring anyone else with her. If a Cordelius uses his Super on a Brawler, she can use this Gadget to temporarily join the fight with them in the Shadow Realm.


"The next Flourish becomes a thrown attack, and Lily teleports to the destination on impact."

Activating this Gadget allows Lily's next Super to throw a fruit over obstacles, teleporting her to where it lands, and dealing splash damage to enemies. She will teleport even if she doesn't hit an enemy with it. This Gadget does not affect the amount of damage the Super does. A Gadget symbol will glow above Lily's head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing Super joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the Super is used.

Star Powers


"After teleporting to an enemy, Lily's next attack deals 1060 more damage."

After teleporting to an enemy, Lily's next attack damage is increased by 50%. However, the damage increase only affects the closest single target she hits. Because it scales with Lily's attack damage, the damage increase will be more or less depending on her Power Level.


"Gain 15% movement speed while an enemy is in her Super charge radius."

This Star Power increases Lily's movement speed by 15% when an enemy Brawler is inside her Trait's Super charging area. This effect doesn't stack when more enemy Brawlers are inside her charging area, but does stack with other speed boosts, such as the Speed Gear or Max's Super.


Game Modes and Maps

  • Lily is good in Gem Grab since you can teleport to the enemy gem carrier, kill them, then escape using her Vanish gadget. However, you cannot see where enemies are when in the Shadow Realm, so be careful where you emerge. Since your Super only works if it hits an enemy, don’t rely on that to escape.

Recommended Build

  • Lily's Vanish Gadget is essential. It is a powerful tool to launch surprise attacks, escape battles, and dodge enemy attacks or even Supers (like Buzz’s or Frank’s). As a result, it is advisable to use the Extra Gadget Gear.
    • The Vanish Gadget can be used to temporarily ignore enemy Brawlers and their spawnables like Nita's bear or Jessie's turret, as a means of escaping from them, or to walk through them. For example, in Heist, you can use this Gadget to walk freely to the enemy team's safe without being harmed.
    • You can also hide in a bush and wait for an enemy Brawler coming. You will know when an enemy is coming when your Super begins to automatically charge. You can then do 2120 damage or more and escape with your Vanish Gadget. This works especially well in Solo Showdown.
    • You can use the Vanish Gadget to sneak into the enemy back lines without them noticing. There, you can ambush them after emerging from the Shadow Realm, taking them by surprise and dealing high damage to if not killing them.
    • When you use the Vanish Gadget, try to remember where your opponents were and predict where they will be when you emerge from the Shadow Realm. This way, you can either avoid reappearing right next to a strong Brawler that will overpower you at close range, or purposefully reappear on a weak brawler and catch them by surprise.
      • When playing against Lily and she uses her Vanish Gadget at low health to escape, try to predict where she will run to, so you can follow her there and be ready to finish her off once she reappears.
      • When playing against Lily as Cordelius, using your Super on any opposing player will also expose Lily to you if she used her Vanish Gadget.
  • Lily's Vigilance Star Power is the best choice in modes where movement is the priority, like Brawl Ball and Showdown. However, the damage boost given by the Spiky Star Power can make it a better choice in other modes like Bounty or Heist.


  • A good way to play Lily is to follow enemies to allow your Super to charge, while staying behind walls or hidden in bushes. Once it is charged, you can emerge and use her Super followed by spamming her attack to deal enough quick damage to take down most Brawlers.
    • With her Spiky Star Power, a Super followed by two attacks deals lots of damage almost instantly. After that, her quick unload and reload speed, plus her rapid Super charge, can keep up the damage enough to eliminate most Brawlers quickly.
    • If you teleport to a tank, do the same until you are low on health, then use your Vanish Gadget to go to the Shadow Realm and escape.


  • Lily's Trait, like Buzz's, is a great scouting tool for bush-filled areas or maps like Snake Prairie, since her Super will start charging up if an invisible or bush-camping enemy is within its radius.
    • Because of this, if there are bushes near you or you are playing against a Leon, it is ideal not to hold on to a fully charged Super, because then you will not know if someone sneaks up on you.
  • Since you do not reload while using her Super, make sure that you have your ammos charged beforehand. This allows you to deal high damage instantly after teleporting, especially if you have the Spiky Star Power equipped.


  • 24/04/24:
    • Neutral Lily could be unlocked early as a bundle for $19.99.
    • Neutral Lily became available to play in the Training Cave.
  • 25/04/24:
    • Neutral Fixed a game crash caused by Lily.
  • 01/05/24:
    • Neutral The Strawberry Lily skin was added.
  • 02/05/24:
    • Neutral Lily became available in the Starr Road.
  • 25/06/24:
    • Buff Lily's ammo slot was increased to 2 (from 1).
    • Nerf Lily's Super damage was decreased to 500 (from 1000).
    • Nerf Lily's Super recharge rate was decreased by 50%
    • Neutral Lily's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 01/07/24:
    • Nerf Lily's health was decreased to 4100 (from 4200).
    • Nerf Lily's main attack damage was decreased to 1060 (from 1200).


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