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Layer Cake is a community map for the Bounty event.


Layer Cake is a map that is divided into 4 different layers, with each layer having 2 clumps of walls with bushes in between. Each team has 2 layers, and between each layer is a moderate amount of open space. The middle Bounty Star is in the open area between the front layer on each teams side, with the star closest to the middle clump of bushes in the layer.


  • Since Layer Cake has barely anything blocking projectiles that go through bushes, Piper and Brock could be used for this map.
  • Destroying the clumps of walls on the enemy teams side can prove useful later on in the match when they try to fall back to regenerate.
  • Sneaking into the clumps of bushes on the enemies side without them noticing provides for a easy kill.
  • Jessie could control the middle as her shot bouncing off other brawlers is easy due the layer divisions.
  • Darryl with his Super can get in close range to others as they will have to get close to see your layers.
  • Try pushing the enemy to their last layer so you can see their movements and pick them off.
  • Nita's bear can easily chase people around so you could get some easy shots.
  • Dynamike and Barley could be used if walls are prioritized and you can land your shots often.
  • Poco can be used to hit multiple brawlers at once, dealing damage and leading to a quick Super.
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