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Not to be confused with Last Stand (Takedown), the Takedown map.

Last Stand is an official map for the Robo Rumble event.


Large wall and bush clusters cover the outer perimeter. On the center top and bottom are rope fences while the sides are connected by a thin bush patch. The map is closed however the bottom-most point acts as a fast lane because of the lack of horizontal walls. The map is not symmetrical.


  • As with Full On, this map contains bushes. However, robots can see through bushes, so only use them if you have abilities that are triggered by them.
  • If using short-ranged Brawlers, use the side bushes to maneuver around the safe as the rope fencing poses a major disadvantage against sniper robots.
  • Colt can control the open bottom left portion and take out the bots with ease, although Pam's spread makes her more ideal for damage consistency.
  • The lakes constrain enemy robots' movement which improves Jessie's Super accuracy.
  • 8-Bit's slow movement speed puts him at risk when leaving the base. Instead, use the side bushes like other heavyweights to defend.
  • The bottom-most point should only be used by long-ranged Brawlers to charge Supers quickly during the first few waves.
  • Because of the amount of walls, Rico is a good Brawler to use on this map. Ruffs does not match Rico's damage output for him to be a good alternate Brawler.


  • On 11/11/20, Last Stand was added to the game.
  • On 31/08/22, the environment of Last Stand was changed from the Mortuary theme to the Canyon theme.