Last Stand is a community map for the Takedown event.


The map is edged with bushes and lakes formed in a square. The center is relatively open and the outer perimeter is full of bushes and blocks built uniquely. Hot Point, a Showdown map, is remarkably similar with only a few key differences.


  • For assassins and heavyweights, staying in the center is unadvised since there aren't much walls in the way to block ranged attacks.
  • This map is an ideal location for sharpshooters since there aren't many blocks in the way than the outside of the lake formation, they still need to check for bushes and collect Power Cubes since there are a decent amount of them around the map and can result in an outnumber of Power Cubes.
  • If playing as a thrower, they can go around the walls in this case and throw their attacks in common locations which include the inner bush clusters.
  • Brawlers shouldn't stay in the outer bushes for too long as they can easily be ambushed.
  • The center is open with only two L-like walls blocking direct shots. Brawlers that do not have wide spread attacks should refrain from entering it.
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