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"Corrupted robots have turned against us! 8-Bit is our last and only hope. He carries the secret code and it's crucial he survives! Protect 8-Bit against waves of evil robots until the time runs out to win the match. Collect the Brawl Coins to keep 8-Bit in the battle!"
Last Stand

Last Stand is an Event that was introduced in the Season 14 update. Three players battle as a team to protect an 8-Bit initially on the battlefield with 12000 health for 2 minutes. With each win, the difficulty will increase to the next level. Last Stand is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost. Brawlers' attacks and Supers are 70% less effective at charging Supers in this mode.

The first wave showing "Robots are approaching!" starts immediately after the match begins. The next waves feature a text saying "More enemies incoming!", which appears below the timer. 8-Bit will attack the robots alongside the players and occasionally place down a turret that boosts teammates' damage. 8-Bit can be kept turned on for up to 20 seconds before shutting down, in which he stops moving or attacking and the message "8-Bit shutting down!" appears in red text. Brawl Coins located around the map can be collected to heal 8-Bit to max health as well as reboot him if he shut down. Players should note that healing or damage buffing abilities do not affect 8-Bit. 8-Bit follows the closest Brawler to him until he shuts down, or spots a robot in his field of vision, after which he will run to that robot and shoot it.

Robot Statistics[]

Robot Statistics Image Normal Angry Furious Enraged
Melee Robot Health / Damage Melee Bot 4800 / 260 6800 / 470 11000 / 600 16200 / 730
Sniper Robot Health / Damage Ranged Bot 2000 / 630 3600 / 1130 4600 / 1450 6700 / 1760
Mini Robot Health / Damage Mini Bot 3000 / 400 5400 / 720 6900 / 920 10080 / 1120
Boss Robot Health / Damage Boss Robot 45000 / 600 / 900 55000 / 640 / 900 65000 / 680 / 900 No Yellow Boss
Color Gray Purple Red Yellow

Brawl Coins[]

Brawl Coins are exclusive items that only appear in Last Stand. Brawl Coins are used for waking up 8-Bit during the battle. Only 6 coins spawn in each match. 4 coins are located in every corner, while the other 2 coins are on the upper and the downer parts of the map. Brawl Coins won't respawn, so after taking all 6 coins, players won't be able to collect them again.

Useful Brawlers[]

  • Pam: Pam's healing abilities can massively help her teammates stay in the fight without waiting to heal as much. Pam also has a great damage output, especially at a close range.
  • Frank: Frank's unusually high HP can protect 8-Bit and teammates from receiving damage, more if he has his Sponge Star Power. Also, he deals 1860 damage (at power 11) with a very fast reload speed, enabling him to deal lots of damage within a short amount of time.
  • 8-Bit: 8-Bit's Super can allow for his team to deal huge amounts of damage, especially with his Boosted Booster Star Power. He can make every attack that comes from him and his team deal much more damage to the bots, which gives your team less of a reason to get back to reload ammunition. 8-Bit himself also has a very good damage output, at both a distance and up close.
  • Edgar: Thanks to the immense healing from his main attack, Edgar can stay alive for a long period of time. Since Edgar's attacks are close-ranged, he can protect 8-Bit from receiving damage. In addition, his fast movement speed and Super make him good at picking up Brawl Coins.
  • Mortis and Max: Although Mortis' one of the worst damage dealers, he is one of, if not the fastest Brawler in terms of a long duration of time. This makes him a very good option for picking up Brawl Coins to keep 8-Bit alive. Max is close to Mortis in speed, but not quite as fast. She can still be a replacement/substitute for Mortis if the player wants a Brawler with higher damage output.


  • Since Brawl Coins do not respawn after being collected, it is important to leave the coins on the field until bots are stronger and spawn more frequently, as to wake 8-Bit up and help in eliminating the bots.
  • Using close-ranged Tanks could increase the chances of winning a game as their high health could protect 8-Bit from receiving damage.
  • When setting up a team, try to have 2 Damage Dealers who deal massive amounts of damage and are able to help their team as well, and 1 "Runner/Speedster", a Brawler who can run really fast, allowing them to quickly pick up Brawl Coins if 8-Bit ever stops working.


  • On 31/08/22, Last Stand was added to the game.
  • On 19/09/22, some of the Battle Log entries for Last Stand were fixed.
  • On 25/10/22, Last Stand was removed from the game.