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"Larry sells tickets to Starr Park visitors under the watchful eye of his twin, Lawrie. Larry loves rules, they make life easier! Lawrie doesn't love rules so much as enforcing them. They make a good team."
Larry & Lawrie Portrait

Larry & Lawrie is an Epic Brawler who has low health and a high damage potential. Larry attacks by lobbing a bundle of tickets that explodes onto the ground in a small radius the first time and then explodes again in a larger radius, dealing damage to enemies hit by the blast. For their Super, Larry throws a signal that spawns his twin brother Lawrie who has low health and attacks by firing 2 waves consisting of 3 plugs in the first wave, and 5 plugs in the second wave that spread out in a cone. Their first Gadget, Order Swap, makes Larry and Lawrie swap their attacks. Their second Gadget, Order: Fall Back, makes Larry and Lawrie quickly dash to swap sides, healing them in the process. Their first Star Power, Protocol: Protect!, passively reduces some damage Larry takes, redirecting that same amount of damage done to Lawrie instead. Their second Star Power, Protocol: Assist, reloads some of Larry's ammo when Lawrie deals damage to an enemy.

Attack: Ticket Dispenser

"Shoot a ticket bundle over obstacles that explodes twice after landing, damaging nearby enemies."

Larry lobs a bundle of tickets that explodes in a small radius the first time, and then explodes in a larger radius the second time, dealing moderate damage to enemies hit. Similar to Barley, the damage can hit twice if the enemy stands in the radius of both explosions. However, his attacks reload rather slowly and travel slowly as well.

Super: Call For Backup

"Throw a signal to summon your twin Lawrie for help. He will seek out any trouble makers and serve justice with his taser gun."

Larry throws a signal that spawns his twin brother Lawrie who chases down and attacks enemies. Lawrie walks towards the nearest enemy even if they are in a bush and attempts to hit them with 2 waves that consist of 3 plugs in the first wave, and 5 plugs in the second wave, with the plugs spreading out in a cone formation. Lawrie's attack deals a high amount of damage at close range, where most or all of the plugs can hit an enemy. Lawrie has the same maximum health as Larry.


Order: Swap

"Swap weapons with Lawrie."
GD-Larry & Lawrie1

When activated, Larry and Lawrie swap their respective attacks. The effect will remain active until another Gadget is used.

Order: Fall Back

"Dash towards Lawrie while Lawrie dashes towards you, healing both for 25% of max health."
GD-Larry & Lawrie2

When activated, Larry and Lawrie quickly dash to swap their respective positions. In addition, they heal for 25% of their maximum health.

Star Powers

Protocol: Protect

"While Lawrie is in range, transfer 30% incoming damage to himself instead."
SP-Larry & Lawrie1

When Lawrie is within 12 tiles of Larry, this Star Power passively reduces all damage Larry takes by 30% by redirecting the damage to Lawrie instead.

Protocol: Assist

"While Lawrie is in range, reload 30% of your ammo whenever he damages an enemy."
SP-Larry & Lawrie2

When Lawrie is within 5 tiles of Larry, this Star Power passively reloads Larry's ammo by 30% whenever Lawrie's attacks hit enemy Brawlers.


  • The Order: Fall Back Gadget is a more tactical movement use for whether you're in Knockout or Showdown. If you spawn your twin brother Lawrie towards the enemy, they might play less aggressive considering you're the main target. Thus, you can swap places given the right opponent and fast attack them unexpectedly.
  • Lawrie is also very useful in other game modes, such as Bounty, Wipeout, and Gem Grab, as he puts pressure on the enemy team and helps your team gaining map control.
  • Their first Star Power is useful to defend against aggressive melee Brawlers like Fang or El Primo, making it a hard task to take him down. Against area damage brawlers like Edgar, keep some distance between you and Lawrie to ensure that Lawrie will not take increased damage from their attacks.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Successfully applied my 45,756 rules of success."
"You chose me as a victim. I am honored!"
"Oh, I need to go and get some more tickets."
"Optimism fueled, the competitors were schooled."
"Got a ticket to win, and I'm checking in!"
"You will pay for your insubordination."


  • 25/01/24:
    • Neutral Larry & Lawrie could be unlocked early as a bundle for $14.99.
  • 26/01/24:
  • 31/01/24:
    • Neutral The Larry & Lawrie Controllers skin were added.
  • 01/02/24:
    • Neutral Larry & Lawrie became available in the Starr Road.
  • 07/02/24:
    • Nerf Larry's health was decreased to 3000 (from 3400).
    • Nerf Lawrie's health was decreased to 3000 (from 3400).
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Larry & Lawrie's Super was increased to 8 hits (from 5).
    • Nerf Larry & Lawrie's Protocol: Protect Star Power's damage redirection amount was decreased to 30% (from 100%).
    • Nerf Larry & Lawrie's Protocol: Assist Star Power no longer triggers when Lawrie hits a pet or spawnable.
  • 27/02/24:
    • Nerf Larry's main attack damage was decreased to 700 (from 840) per hit.
    • Nerf Larry's main attack range was decreased to 7.33 tiles (from 8).
    • Neutral Fixed a visual issue causing Larry & Lawrie's skins to overlap in the Catalog.
  • 25/03/24:
    • Nerf Larry's main attack unload speed was increased to 0.3 seconds between shots (from 0.15).
    • Nerf Lawrie's damage was decreased to 150 (from 300) per hit.
    • Nerf Lawrie's recharge rate was decreased by 50%.
    • Nerf Larry & Lawrie's Order: Fall Back Gadget healing was decreased to 25% of their maximum health (from 33%).
  • 23/04/24:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue causing Larry & Lawrie's Order Swap Gadget to deal reduced damage.
  • 06/06/24:
    • Neutral The Glitch Larry & Lawrie skin was added. It was featured as a Ranked exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 27 and a CyberBrawl skin.
  • 25/06/24:
    • Neutral Larry & Lawrie's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.






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