Land Ahoy is a community map for the Bounty event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


The map is confined, but has narrow openings to shoot from. Near the center are six strips of bushes where Brawlers can use to attacks Brawlers in the center of the map. The center top and bottom contain an L-like bush with the tail pointing towards the center of the map. Towards the sides are Z-like bushes which open up to each team's spawn points restricting Brawlers from moving forward in fear of losing protection.


  • Throwers such as Tick and Barley are great for this map as they can take control of the side lanes and secure the center into a chokepoint. Sprout acts as a support, but can still pressure enemies from entering the center.
  • Sharpshooters are also viable in this map such as Piper and Brock as the center is open, favoring long-ranged combat. Break the walls at the side with their Super to make it easier for long-ranged Brawlers to thrive. However, be careful if there is a thrower on your team as breaking walls could cripple them.
  • Control-based Brawlers such as Mr. P and Penny will need to be more aggressive on this map if they would like to charge their Super quickly. Longer ranged Brawlers should stay near the center to stop Brawlers from switching lanes.
  • Mortis and Darryl can hide in the Z-like bushes on the enemy team and ambush their enemies. Darryl can use their Super to roll across the lakes when they're ready unlike Mortis which has to rely on their Coiled Snake Star Power if they would like an immediate ambush. Before Mortis enters the L-like bush for a kill he should wait behind the lone wall on the tip of it before taking any action.
  • Heavyweights aren't recommended on this particular map because of requiring walls to be destroyed beforehand. If your team requires one use Darryl as they can handle assassins that frequent this map and is also able to escape tight situations.
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