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Kaboom Canyon is an official map for the Heist event.


  • Each team's safe has bushes around it, as well as lots of bushes in the center. There is lots of walls for protection as well.
  • The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Generally, Brawlers that have some sort of "block-destroying" ability are better for Heist maps.
  • If you stand right behind the second wall as Crow, you can just barely jump over the first wall and attack the safe.
  • Barley is a great brawler to have in this map, because of his wall-defying attack. He can stand in the bushes to the side of the enemies vault, and bombard the enemy vault with bombs. When your super is all charged up, run to the enemy vault and drag the attack in close, then focus all fire on the vault. It will do MASSIVE damage and will likely win you the game.
  • Kaboom Canyon has lots of grass in the middle of the map. This is great when you want to get to the other side without being detected. It is recommended to use high burst damage Brawlers or Brawlers with Shotguns!
  • Colt is a useful brawler due to his high damage output. His gadget can help him quickly reload, making him capable of doing more damage to the safe.
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