Kaboom Canyon is an official map for the Heist event.


The map's safes have bushes growing in an arc-shaped formation around it, as well as a bush cluster in the center. Most of the map is open however.


  • If you stand right behind the center bottom wall as Crow, you can just barely jump over the first wall and attack the safe. A few other Brawlers with aerial Supers can skip the bush cluster entirely.
  • Throwers can support teammates heading into the bush cluster, after they do. They should move behind the wall in the left lane.
  • Kaboom Canyon has lots of bushes in the center of the map. This is great when you want to get to the other side without being detected. It is recommended to use high burst damage Brawlers, or medium-ranged Brawlers with high utility.
  • As short-ranged Brawlers get closer to the safe their value decreases. To maximize their survival time, they should stay within the bushes as falling back will leave them trapped.
  • The right lane lacks walls that Brawlers will have to rely on, this lane is most suitable for long-ranged Brawlers that can use it to target incoming heavyweights.
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