Junk Park is a community map for the Siege event.


Junk Park is a map that is fairly similar to another siege map Nuts & Bolts, as it has a fair amount of cover and an exposed middle section for open engagements. However, on both sides of the IKE turret, there are walls that protect most incoming enemies from chipping away your IKE turret from the side. The map is mirrored vertically.


  • Throwers should use their attacks at the front bush to possibly prevent enemies from entering directly into it.
  • Sharpshooters are to stay a bit far from the front bushes and can mostly auto-aim if the enemy doesn't decide to hide behind a wall.
  • Melee-centered characters are to stay behind walls if confronted against sharpshooters and should just try to avoid being attacked by enemy throwers.
  • Good Brawlers for this map include Penny and Jessie, and throwers such as Tick and Barley Other notable Brawlers include short to medium range tanks like Jacky, Darryl, Rosa, Sandy, Gene and Frank.
  • Going in the middle-lane at the start of the match could be riskier as the enemies will shoot at the middle.
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