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Jump Park is a map for the Daredevil Challenge.


This map has a lot of jump pads and walls, with enclosed areas by stepping on the wrong jump pad and a lot of poison clouds to pressure trapping. This map has diagonal symmetry.


  • An easy way to stay in one spot despite the jump pads is simply this: you move onto a jump pad, and then go onto another for a bit, and then go back to the other jump pad if it has already been fully activated, and then go back to the other jump pad. This allows the player to stay inside of a small area with a jump pad being already used on top of the player, meaning that the player won't be launched.
  • Edgar is a very good and popular option for this map, due to the fact that Edgar can very easily outpace the jump pads and can jump over walls using his Super, which can be used more often when using his Let's Fly Gadget.
  • Due to Edgar being used quite frequently, counters to Edgar that are still well-rounded like Surge or Darryl
  • Bonnie is a good option on this map because of her versatility. If you're going against longer range Brawlers like Eve or Jessie, Bonnie can hold her own in her Clyde form. If you're going against close-range Brawlers, Bonnie can deal with them in her Bonnie form. Additionally, she can easily outpace jump pads in her Bonnie form, and jump over obstacles when transforming into her Bonnie form.


  • On 23/06/22, Jump Park was featured in the Daredevil Challenge as a Stage I map.