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"Janet is the star of the show, and she's not afraid to let everyone around her know about it.
If only her sister Bonnie wouldn't constantly get into trouble..."
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Janet is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 in Season 12: The Stuntshow, or can be obtained from Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30 in the Season 12 Brawl Pass. She has moderate health and damage. Her attack is a shockwave in a cone that narrows and lengthens the longer it is aimed. Janet's Super allows her to continuously fly over obstacles while dropping bombs onto enemies that deal area damage. Her Gadget, Drop the Bass, deploys a loudspeaker that deals damage to enemies in a large radius. Her Star Power, Stage View, allows Janet to see enemies in a large area of bushes while her Super is active.

Attack: High Note

"Janet sings a loud note. The longer she holds the note, the more focus it will become and the farther it will fly."

Janet's attack is a piercing shockwave that deals moderate damage. When initially aiming or using autofire, the attack is wide and has a short range, but the longer the attack is aimed, it becomes much less wide and the more range the attack gains, which stops upon reaching its maximum distance. If Janet has no ammo, aiming the attack will not change its shape.

Super: Crescendo

"Janet uses her jetpack to take to the skies for a moment, where she attacks opponents from above for a full duration."

Janet flies up into the sky for 7 seconds, boosting her movement speed and dropping bombs every second onto enemies under her. Like Nani's Super, Janet will fly in a straight line if she is not controlled. She cannot reload nor heal while her Super is active. While in the air, Janet is completely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time which were applied to her prior to using her Super.

Gadget: Drop The Bass

"Janet deploys a speaker that deals 100 damage per second to all enemies in the area."

Upon activation, Janet drops a loudspeaker that deals 100 damage per second to enemies in its 8.67-tile radius. The turret has 1500 health, will be destroyed if Janet places another loudspeaker, and decays by 75 health until it's destroyed, lasting for up to 20 seconds if it doesn't take any damage. Janet can still activate this Gadget while her Super is active.

Star Power: Stage View

"When in the air with her jetpack, Janet reveals a large area of bushes around herself."

When Janet is using her Super, she and all allies can see all enemies in bushes within a radius of 13 tiles from Janet.


  • Janet’s attack special main attack ability is good for the right situation like if you need to hit your enemy from far away it's obviously better to charge it. This is not what you have to do on melee situations, because you lose time trying to get more range and only one projectile can hit the same enemy.
  • She is very strong in Gem Grab, able to hold off gems in the countdown. It is advisable to play her as the gem carrier, and play defensively as gem collector, or offensively as an assassin. She can carry all 10 gems and in the 15 second countdown she can flee and use her Super so that enemies can no longer attack her.
  • Janet's Drop The Bass Gadget is quite useful in maps covered in bushes, as enemies in her Gadget's radius deal damage, causing them to be revealed, much like Grom's Gadget.
  • Her Drop The Bass Gadget can stop healing, making this a very effective strategy to prevent low-health enemies from being able to recover and fight back. It's has a low health, so make sure you put it behind a wall or a place where enemies can't hit it easily.
  • Keep in mind that Janet's super does not drop bomb directly below her, but rather firing them a short distance forward. This means that circling a stationary enemy will likely only hit them once.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
Remember peeps, no points for second place.
Flying high as a kite and ready to fight!


  • 27/04/22:
  • 02/05/22:
    • Janet and her Valkyrie skin were added to the game. Neutral