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Iron Cables is a community map for the Hot Zone event.


The map has three zones, with two of them near the corners while one is in the center. Brawlers spawn behind the zones on the corners. There is extensive roping on the corner zones. There is little bush cover on this map which is enough to support viability of tanks. This map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Sprout can be an amazing pick because of all of the lanes that can be blocked off by Sprout's super. You could block off one of the lanes so that the enemy cannot get to the hot zone while your Super is blocking it.
  • You can use Gale to jump over walls to get to the hot zone easier or you can push enemies out of the hot zone with Gale's super.
  • El Primo is a good pick on this map to go towards the zone in the enemy spawn area. With his ability to charge Super from damage done, he can hard-counter popular lane Brawlers like Amber, Tara and Emz.
  • You should have two people take control of the middle hot zone while one person stays back and holds down the hot zone by the spawn area. You need to make sure that the Brawler that stays back is not on too low health or they may be taken out by someone using the launch pad.


  • On 16/06/21, Iron Cables was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, Iron Cables was removed from the game.