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Infinite Doom is a community map for the Wipeout event.


The map has four clusters of walls across the map, with the clusters closest to the middle having rings of bushes around them. Near the spawns, there are fences, and some crates. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Fang is a great Brawler here due to his ability to deal damage from a distance to build up his Super so he can finish the enemies off.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers like Tara, Griff, Surge, etc are great in this map because there's both a moderate amount of cover, but a lot of spam to aim attacks.
  • Crow can be a fine pick due to his ability to see enemies in bushes while they take damage over time. You are also able to counter popular picks on this map such as shorter range Brawlers, poking them without getting within their range.
  • Rosa proves effective on this map due to the large amount of bushes. She can be devastating with the addition of a Speed Gear, increasing her mobility and denying access to the bushes from the enemy team. Her Super can be used to keep her alive if necessary as well. Her Unfriendly Bushes gadget can also be another key to denying access to the bushes from the enemy team. She can use this gadget to do a brief check of who is in the bushes, and her or a respective teammate can finish it off and defeat the opponent.
  • Frank can be a fine pick on this map. His unusually high health make him hard to defeat, and the bushes offer shelter for him to heal. His extensive range combined with bush cover and his Irresistible Attraction gadget can be used to surprise opponents and defeat them swiftly. This playstyle can also be applied to his Super, which also lets his teammates help him defeat opponents or gain control.
  • Mr.P is a decent brawler in this map as his attacks bounce and can reach over walls. His porters can scout the bushes and reach out to enemies in a clutch. Dropping the base near the spawn will provide a good cover for his porters to constantly spawn safely.
  • Edgar is also great at this map because he's close range and his ability to charge his super over time make easy to get kills for Wipeout. And if he is about to die he can jump to safety with his super. With this thought using his super he can reach enemies that are behind the walls. Be wary that Edgar can't fight off that many enemies at a time so use his super's speed buff to escape to safety.
  • Eve is a great choice for this map if you have her Star Power Happy Surprise. You can shot your enemies a have a hatchling spawn. This allows you to get an idea on the whereabouts of the other team. The hatchling then can poison the other teams players, and give you a clear sight of where they are. Make sure not to get to physical, because you could possibly die. To prevent that, use Eve’s Gotta Go gadget to get to safety.


  • On 01/03/22, Infinite Doom was added to the game.
  • On 19/03/22, Infinite Doom was featured in the Triathlon Challenge as a Stage III map.
  • On 17/04/22, Infinite Doom was featured in the Grom's Easter Challenge as a Stage III map.
  • On 27/04/22, the environment of Infinite Doom had changed from the Mortuary theme to the Canyon theme.
  • On 29/04/22, Infinite Doom was featured in the Golden Week Challenge as a Stage III map.