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Icy ice park is an official map for the 5v5 Wipeout event.



  • Larry & Lawrie are a good pick. With the number of players on the map and the walls on the sides for cover, it is really easy to charge his Super and create a strong offense with little to no ways to counter it.
  • Going with a Buster to one side of the map will help him charge his Super quickly and cast a shield to progress even further.
  • Nani is a great pick for her versatility and damage. A good Nani can handle any lane, especially the rear ones, as she can use her diagonal orbs to attack behind the walls into the enemy zones.
  • Fang and Edgar's teamwipe potential is insane, as getting a Hypercharge can allow for multiple chained kills.
  • Poco thrives with the number of allies he has in a match. His Super can be used even more efficiently, and both his Gadgets and star powers are better, compared to other modes.
  • A good Piper can deal massive damage and keep her distance from enemies.
  • Chuck can set posts in the middle of the map, allowing for powerful map control and easy getaways.
  • Grom is a good pick for the sides of this map, as he can attack over the walls and at the narrow passageways, along for easy kills.
  • Brock can use his Gadget to break open the walls on the sides, and his range and damage output isn't bad.


  • On 12/12/23, Icy ice park was added to the game.