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Hunting Party is an official map for the Big Game event.


The map is split into twelve 5x5 bushes each separated by breakable skulls. Plus-shaped walls are in the center of the bush clusters as well as the entrance to the hunters. The Big Brawler is spawned at the very end of the map where they can choose any bush cluster they wish to enter or stay in the back. The map is vertically symmetrical.


  • In Big Game, the objective is to take down the Big Brawler as soon as possible, or survive for a prolonged period of time as the Big Brawler. In this map, use Brawlers that do large amounts of damage like heavyweights, as there are many bushes to hide in.
  • As a Boss Hunter, you should check the bush clusters on this map to get a head start on the Big Brawler. Destroy as many bushes and walls as possible so that the boss will have less places to hide. This will make it easier for your team to take the Big Brawler down as quickly as possible. Do not bush-check bushes if all the skulls near it are still intact, as Big Brawlers just like Boss Hunters can not walk over skulls.
  • Do not destroy the skulls if you are the Big Brawler! It makes it easier for players to move around and find you. Let the other players waste their ammo on the skulls instead, so that you will be less likely to be hit by their attacks.
    • Another strategy is destroying a small amount of skulls to trick Boss Hunters into going to a different direction.
  • A great Big Brawler to use is Jessie. She can hit multiple Brawlers at once and can hide in one of the corners after using her Super at the entrance. This will allow the turret to take down enemy players while they are trying to attack you by going near the corner.
  • Another good Big Brawler to use is Spike. His attack mechanics properly distance the Hunters, and his Super punishes them if they crowd together. Also, he can use his Fertilize Star Power to regain a bit of health, although this effect is very, very diminished.
  • Bo is an excellent Hunter on this map due to his hunting-based mechanics. He can check bushes with ease and cover escape routes with his Super. He can use either Star Power on this map—Circling Eagle to scout the Big Boss easier, or Snare A Bear for more damage potential.
  • Rosa is great as a Hunter or Big Brawler on this map, particularly if you equip her Unfriendly Bushes Gadget and Plant Life Star Power. The abundance of bushes is an ideal environment for Rosa's bush-based abilities. She can use her Unfriendly Bushes Gadget to mark enemies' location in bushes while also slowing them down. Her Plant Life Star Power makes her hard to kill in the bushes as a Hunter; as a Big Brawler, its effect is lessened but it's still useful. Finally, her high attack damage at close to mid range is good for ambushing enemies.


  • On 05/12/18, Hunting Party was added to the game.
  • On 22/10/20, Hunting Party was removed from the game.