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"It's hunting season! Collect points by hunting down and defeating enemies, The FIRST player to reach 6 points wins the match!"

Hunters is an Event that was introduced during the 2022 Season 13 update. In this Event, there are 10 players playing individually. The objective is to eliminate opponents, with each elimination giving that player one point. When one player reaches 6 points, they win. The player that has the most points will have a crown icon over their head. After 3 minutes without a player reaching 6 points, the player that has the most points wins the match. If two or more players have the same number of points, the player who got to Rank 1 first wins. An announcer will announce the first elimination, when there are 4 eliminations left, 1 elimination left, when a player eliminates two or three opponents in a row, and when there are 30 seconds left. The people who got eliminated can respawn in a few seconds, and their points won't reset.

Announcer's Voice Over

Useful Brawlers[]

Griff: Griff is able to take out Brawlers quickly thanks to his attack and Super. Using his Keep the Change Star Power, he can fire his shots even faster, while his Business Resilience Star Power allows him to survive longer, even when he's attacking or taking damage. His Super can recharge itself quickly, so if an enemy tried to attack him from a close range, he can rapidly fire his Super and attack to eliminate the opponent.
Ash: Despite being a close-ranged Brawler, Ash can excel in this mode by virtue of his high health, powerful attacks, and fast speed at full Rage, letting him catch up with long-ranged Brawlers easily. Thanks to his Rotten Banana Gadget and First Bash Star Power, Ash can play aggressively right from the beginning of the match by maximizing his Rage with only one kill, then snowball from there if he manages to keep said Rage constantly up. Alternatively, his Chill Pill Gadget can be useful in a pinch to prevent other players from obtaining a kill out of him.
Penny: Her attack's projectile speed makes it hard for enemies to avoid taking damage, her splash damage is easy to use to third party two enemies on top of each other, and her turret can be used to pinch enemy Brawlers.
Buzz: Buzz is quite an easy target on his own, but due to the high amount of long-ranged, low-health Brawlers in this mode, he exceeds in defeating them quickly by using his Super, or his Reserve Buoy Gadget to get one quickly to either escape, travel more distance faster to get to the player with the most points, or latch onto an enemy to defeat them.


  • Try not to feed points to the player with the most points at the moment. Try to eliminate them from a far distance or do not go near them, unless you are confident that you won't be defeated when attempting to eliminate them.


  • On 29/06/22, Hunters was temporarily added to the game during Brawl Pass Season 13.
  • On 25/10/22, Hunters was removed from the game.
  • On 12/12/23, Hunters was added back to the game. It was featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Seasons 22 and 23.
  • On 27/02/24, Hunters was removed from the game. It was no longer featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Seasons 24 and 25.