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Hot Potato (originally called Bone Tunnel) is a community map for the Heist event.


On the South side, the two barriers fork inward, while the walls on the North end fork outward.


  • Generally, Brawlers that have some sort of "block-destroying" super power, are better for Heist maps. This is because of the fact that the vaults are surrounded by a wall of some sort. So, if you break through the wall, it will boost your win chance considerably. Brawlers like Bull and Frank are great at this.
  • With Penny, you can place her Old Lobber inside one of the small clumps of bushes surrounding the middle, because then it can attack everyone from a distance, and is difficult for the enemies to notice.
  • Jessie can place her turret in the very center of the map, between the two large walls. It can then attack anyone who comes into the center bushes, and keep them distracted, while you sneak to the enemy base and deal as much damage as you can.
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