Hot Potato (originally called Bone Tunnel) is a community map for the Heist event.


The map features a diagonal patch of bushes ranging from the center bottom to top. Vertical walls on the side effectively split the lanes into two more lanes. The lane closest to the edge of the map has 2x2 bush clusters and joins with the other lane midway opening up into a hole and the safe.


  • With Penny, place her Old Lobber inside one of the small clumps of bushes surrounding the middle, so that it can have maximum potential as well be hidden from view.
  • Jessie can place her turret in the very center of the map, between the two large walls. It can then attack anyone who comes into the center bushes, and keep them distracted, while she sneaks to the enemy base and deal as much damage as you can.
  • Heavyweights such as Bull can camp in the bushes just behind the center bush and not be noticed. Here they can ambush people that are walking by and once their Super is charged they can use it on the enemy's safe and do massive damage.
  • When playing with sharpshooters like Colt, Rico or Brock it's best to go to the sides of the map where they can snipe. When playing with Rico and have his Star Power Super Bouncy, then hold up behind the upside down T-like wall and ricochet off walls.
  • 8-BIT can both play as a heavyweight and a sharpshooter on this map, however its better for them to enter the center lane where they can bush-check.
  • Throwers such as Barley or Tick should play in the right lane where there are little entrances for them to be taken down as well as having access to damaging the safe.
  • Brock is very strong on this map and can be played in the center or on a lane. With his Incendiary Star Power, he can control the lane or mid and deal massive damage to the safe.
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