Hot Maze is a community map for the Lone Star event. It was originally released as one of the Showdown maps.


The map outside of the maze seems to be flooded and also has bushes in every corner. The maze on the inside has several walls and also some of them being in the way around the maze, the maze is also full of bushes, espically in the middle which it also has some cacti.


  • Rico's Super Bouncy is exceptionally good on this map as most of the time, the shots will bounce off a wall before hitting an enemy or hitting the enemy, bouncing off the wall and hitting the enemy brawler again.
  • Dynamike, Barley and Tick can shoot over the walls at enemies while hiding behind a wall. In most maps, this is useful, however, there are lots of walls for the throwers to shoot over in this map and the compactness of the map makes it harder for brawlers like Mortis to hit the throwers.
  • Just so you can avoid from throwers, use brawlers that break walls like Bull or Shelly.
  • If used correctly, Dynamike's Dyna-Jump can be overpowered on this map, jumping over walls easily.
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