Hot Maze is a community map for the Lone Star event. It was originally released as one of the Showdown maps.


The map outside of the maze is flooded with lakes and has bushes in each corner. The maze on the inside has several walls most of which are bordering it. The center of the maze is relatively open but contains a bush border and several cacti.


  • Rico's Super Bouncy Star Power is exceptionally good on this map as most of the time, shots that land would've ricochet off a wall before hitting an enemy.
  • Throwers can shoot over the walls at enemies while hiding behind a wall. In most maps this is only useful. However, the maze's compactness makes it harder for Brawlers like Mortis to be within range of these Brawlers which they would otherwise counter.
  • If used correctly, Dynamike's Dyna-Jump Star Power can almost guarantee survival unless Brawlers are forced into the center because of how the maze is arranged.
  • Heavyweights should prioritize staying within the center while long-ranged Brawlers burst down enemies outside the maze's walls.
  • The maze has a few entrances which forces Brawlers to stay within it once entered or otherwise be pinched when exiting.
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