Holiday Heist is a community map for the Present Plunder event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


The map is confined with fencing creating diagonal pathways. Launch pads near each team located on the opposite side of walls launch Brawlers to the middle section of lanes. Several bush patches split the pathways apart, allowing access to both lanes.


  • The middle section of the map is confined and closed, which is a great location for throwers. Brawlers heading into the enemy team's base to snatch a present should throw them to their thrower teammates.
  • If you spawn on the right side use the right lane launch pad. The left lane launch pad is too far away from spawns to be of use.
  • Brawlers should use the wall cluster located on the left of the enemy team base while they grab a present. This wall is close enough to the base that assassins are great options as well.
  • The middle lane Brawler should defend their presents from Brawlers using the launch pads. The right lane Brawler should preferably be a Brawler aiming to be aggressive.
  • The lack of open space lowers the viability of high spread Brawlers which would otherwise have to be aggressive or extremely passive to be viable.
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