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This article describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Hold the trophy to collect points! First team to reach 100% wins the match."
Hold the Trophy

Hold the Trophy is a Seasonal Event introduced in the Season 7 update. There are two teams of three players, and the objective of the game mode is to hold the trophy (which starts in the center) for a certain amount of time, or for more time than the enemy team. Each team has a bar, and for every second a team member holds the trophy, the bar will be filled by 2.5%. The first team to have a fully filled bar wins, and if neither team manages to get a fully filled bar by the time the timer ends, the team with more percentage of their bar filled wins. If both teams are tied at the end of the timer, the game ends in a draw. Players' movement is slowed while holding the trophy, but this does not stack with other slowing effects. Attacking with the trophy will throw it 4.33 tiles and will consume one ammo (except for Carl, Bea, and Amber); throwing the trophy with your Super will throw it 6.67 tiles and uses up the Super. If the trophy is not picked up, it will return back to the center after a 5-second countdown.

Useful Brawlers[]

El Primo: Due to his very high health and fast movement speed, he can grab and hold the trophy quickly fast and the slowing won't affect him as much as many other Brawlers. With his Super, he can steal the trophy from the enemies or keep the enemies away from the trophy, likewise with his Suplex Supplement Gadget. He is good at defending himself and defeating enemies, although he’s more effective with long-ranged Brawlers as his allies. Just like in Brawl Ball, he can self-pass by kicking the trophy over a wall and using his Super to jump over the wall too. This way, he can escape easily, especially with his Meteor Rush Star Power which can cancel out the effects of the slow.
Frank: Like El Primo, his very high health and fast movement speed can be used to hold the trophy for as long as possible. His Super can also be used to stun the enemy trophy holder, making them drop the trophy for you or your teammates to defeat the enemy trophy holder and retrieve the trophy.
Bull, Jacky, and Rosa: These heavyweights are good trophy holders and disruptors. Unlike El Primo and Frank, however, they do not have good stuns or knockbacks to buy them time and must rely on their respective Supers.
Max: She has a very fast movement speed and a long range. Due to her movement speed, the slowing won't affect her too much. She can also defend herself and teammates and consistently chip away at enemies. Her Phase Shifter Gadget allows her to escape or steal the trophy much faster, and with her Sneaky Sneakers Gadget, she can resist more damage while holding the trophy. Max's Super can virtually negate the trophy slow for a short time, making her a good assist Brawler.
Buzz: Buzz's Super can stun the enemy that is holding the trophy making them drop it. He can easily burst down other Brawlers quickly. On maps with walls on the sides, he can his Super to get to the trophy and quickly throw it to teammates. He is also effective on defense; His fast movement speed allows him to slightly negate the slowing effect applied while holding the trophy, and using his above-average health, he can withstand more damage while holding the trophy.
Bibi: Bibi has high health and a very fast movement speed which makes her ideal for carrying the trophy. Her Batting Stance Star Power will help her survive longer with the trophy and her Home Run Star Power will allow her to slightly negate the slow down effect while holding the trophy. Her Vitamin Booster Gadget can be used in extreme situations to stay alive while holding the trophy. She can also knock enemies who attempt to grab the trophy back.
Edgar: With high mobility and high-burst damage, Edgar can take out the enemy trophy holder and send it back to your teammates. It's recommended not to hold the trophy as he has low health and opponents can easily take him out and steal the trophy. A strategy is to jump towards the trophy and quickly pass it to his teammate. Like El Primo, he can self-pass the trophy.
Pam: Pam has a lot of health and can heal herself and allies using her Super. She is not good at carrying the trophy but her abilities make her good at supporting the holder.
Surge: Surge can use his Power Surge Gadget at the start of the match to grab the trophy and throw it to teammates. From this point forward, he should focus on cornering enemies so he can do area damage with his stage 3 upgrade.
Lou: Lou's stuns and slows allows him to completely take control of the trophy holder's location. With the right teammates Lou can push back enemies long enough and keep defeating them to a point when they cannot touch the trophy even once, using his stuns and a teammate's support to almost spawn-trap the enemy once one of his teammates has control of the trophy and has safely fallen back.
Byron: Byron's healing abilities can support the trophy carrier, making him a great support Brawler. He should be paired with a suitable trophy carrier and a teammate that is high in offense to cover up for his average damage output and low health.
Tick: While Tick is not the best trophy holder due to his low health, he's viable as a support for his team. He can deny enemies from retrieving the trophy with his mines and Super, which will both deal high damage and force enemies away from the trophy, and his Last Hurrah Gadget and Well Oiled Star Power allow for more survivability to continuously defend his teammates. His Mine Mania Gadget and Automa-Tick Reload Star Power are also useful for better area denial. He pairs well with heavyweights as trophy carriers and a strong healer or assassin to support the trophy carrier.
Gale: Gale has plenty of transport and knockback features built into his kit. His Star Powers both heavily impede the enemy carrier, and his Gadget can help either with getting to the trophy first or blocking off a vital point of the map to help protect your team's trophy carrier. His Super can help get enemies away when your team manages to take the trophy, and his overall stats make him a decent carrier.


  • If you are carrying the trophy, don't hesitate to drop the trophy and help your allies to defend yourself. You have 5 seconds until it disappears but you can carry it back if the countdown is running low. Alternatively, if the slow is detrimental to you but throwing it will make it end up in the enemy's team, you can dribble the trophy by auto-aiming the trophy while running in the thrown direction to momentarily negate the slow. Keep in mind that this is best done on a very fast Brawler, this does not give your team progress, and that you should not attack between self-passes unless absolutely necessary.
  • Instead of focusing on stealing the trophy from the enemy team, focus on defeating the ones who are defending the trophy holder. Once they are eliminated, you have an advantage since the player holding the trophy will be slowed.
  • If the trophy is on the enemies' side and you are certain that the enemy cannot reach it before the countdown reaches 0, do not go there to pick up the trophy. Let the countdown reach 0 so it spawns in the center where teammates can pick it back up. Once the trophy reaches the opposite side of the map, it becomes extremely difficult to retrieve.
  • If you are trapped in a situation where you are the trophy carrier, you are surrounded and your teammates are defeated, try to throw the trophy over a wall, use a Super to throw it far, or throw it to one of your teammates' spawn points to allow them to hold it. All these will allow the enemy team a hard time retrieving the trophy after they defeat you.
  • At the beginning of a game, it's best to defeat the enemy team before you pick up the trophy. Then that gives you the opportunity to take the trophy and get to a far point on the map so that the enemy team will have a more difficult time getting to the trophy.


  • On 05/07/21, Hold the Trophy was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Season 7.
  • On 12/07/21, Hold the Trophy was removed from the game.