High Score is an official map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the Lunar New Year 2020 update.


The map is split into two zones with a Z-shape barrier separating the zones from each other. The zone on the left has a wider lake than the zone on the right, but the zone on the right doesn't contain bushes that stretch out towards the center barrier. Each spawn zone is considerably open and has a U-like bush pattern with 3x3 walls protecting the left and right lane. Aside from the bushes and barrier, the zones are open and leave plenty of room for sharpshooters to attack across the zones.


  • If using a heavyweight, always aim to go into the right zone first as you'll be protected from enemy fire as well as access to their horizontal bush.
  • Sharpshooters such as Piper are highly recommended because of the lack of protection for Brawlers that enter the zones. If defending using a sharpshooter enter the left zone as enemy Brawlers will only have one way to attack which is through the 4x4 wall and lake. If on offense, enter the right zone as you will only have to keep one entrance under control.
  • Throwers such as Tick or Barley can defend both zones as well as have protection. If the Z-shape barrier is destroyed only defend one zone at a time.
  • Brawlers that have support turrets such as Pam or 8-BIT should have a wall-breaker that can destroy the center barrier as otherwise, one or the other may not be able to defend themselves from throwers or heavyweights. Once the wall is destroyed turrets should be placed in case one teammate needs to take cover.
  • Out of all the heavyweights, Frank is suggested because of his high utility wall-breaking super that can also stun enemy Brawlers. His higher than average movement speed and high health gives him an ample amount of defenses against lower damage output control Brawlers.
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