Hideout (originally called Groundhog Burrow) is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map features an uneven playing field. True blue's side contains fewer bushes, but more walls for cover. True red's side contains a rather large wall that Brawlers can use to heal and attack from, as well as a few horizontal walls.


  • Throwers can use the protective walls to handle enemies hiding in the nearby bushes.
  • Penny and her mortar can be great for enemies who are standing still waiting for an opportunity. Bushes should be destroyed whenever possible.
  • The right lane of the map can be used by long-ranged Brawlers with spread to pressure enemies hiding near the large wall.
  • The left lane is more fit for short to medium-ranged Brawlers. Short-ranged Brawlers have to gamble with the fact that they'll lose their protection once the cacti are destroyed.
    • If your team is not negatively impacted from the loss of the cacti, take priority in destroying them.
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