Heat Wave is a community map for the Bounty event. It was added in the May 2020 update.


The map is split into two S-like bushes segmented by 2x2 walls and fencing. The layout creates six horizontal and four vertical bush pathways. Launch pads located near fencing launch Brawlers to the tip of the S-like bushes.


  • The very nature of this maps favors heavyweights, and their respective counters such as Shelly or Spike. Do not use long-ranged Brawlers that cannot burst down individual enemies.
  • Brock and Piper as sharpshooters are great for tackling individual enemies that attempt to ambush your team. Destroying the bushes at the bottom of the center star will stop enemies from ambushing your team directly.
  • Sandy and other medium-ranged Brawlers should go through the right lane and flank the enemy team whenever possible.
  • The bush pathways are relatively thin. Hiding inside the vertical bush pathways for a prolonged period of time is certain death.
  • Your team can enter the enemy team's S-like bush in the left lane, however doing so should only be done by medium-ranged Brawlers that are naturally bulky such as Carl.
  • Only use the launch pads if the enemy team is in the left side of the map as the launched Brawler will be helpless on landing.
  • Rosa can connect the bush lanes with her Gadget Grow Light which can be used when sneaking up on the enemy team.
  • Similar to Hard Rock Mine, avoid getting spawn-trapped, as it will be hard to recover.
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