Hard Rock Mine is an official map for the Gem Grab event. The map has a Brawlidays version named Ice Block Rock.


The map has H-like bushes and an open center. The sides lane bushes are closer to each other than the bushes in the center. In the center are four three tiles worth of bushes and walls which Brawlers can use to defend themselves. The horizontal pathways in the center top and bottom are narrow and are blocked off completely on one side by a 2x3 wall.


  • Heavyweights and other short-ranged Brawlers should sneak in from the side to stop enemy Brawlers from heading directly into action. They should ideally use the left lane as the right side of the bushes is blocked off from the main strips of bushes.
  • Control-based Brawler are great on this map as you can push the opponents back to their spawn for the whole game with the horizontal strip of bushes on their side.
  • Using her Gadget Grow Light, Rosa can connect the bushes on the left and right to create a ring of bushes around the middle. This can allow close-ranged Brawlers such as Bull easier passage to the enemy side, or it can allow her to continuously dominate the borders while constantly healing when paired with her Plant Life Star Power. Although, be wary because your opponents could use it to get to your side unnoticed.
  • Sharpshooters and throwers are very weak and vulnerable on this map to heavyweights. Use medium-ranged Brawlers instead.
  • Brawlers with a considerable amount of spread are also great for keeping the center in check as well.
  • You can use the right lane to charge your Super and leave once it's charged. Unless you go around the 2x3 wall, you won't be able to do much more than this. Brawlers that may need to do this to charge their Super consist of medium-ranged Brawlers such as Mr. P and Sandy.
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