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Happy Feet is an official map for the Brawl Ball event.


Happy Feet is spotted with small wall clusters making right angles. This theme persists throughout the map with only the sides having bushes and other blocks. All of the barriers are L-shaped except the cactuses and skulls on both teams. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Surge is a very good Brawler here, as he can easily charge his Super within 3 shots by using the walls at medium range.
  • Sandy's Super is extremely strong on this map because the walls scattered around the center of the map makes it hard to effectively scan the sandstorm for hidden enemies, giving the enemy team a major advantage.
    • He has excellent wall peaking abilities so hiding behind a wall to avoid his attack isn't necessarily ideal.
  • Sharpshooters are not recommended because this map has walls scattered around the center which obstruct the large range that sharpshooters have, making it harder to hit enemies and to do substantial damage.
  • Sprout is viable here since his Super can connect to other walls to block off many passages. It can also hide behind walls to attack enemies while staying safe.
  • Brawlers with big and wide attacks are not recommended as their attacks will get blocked by the L-shaped barriers. Take Poco for example. Because the barriers will block most of his attack, his attack is only a slow low damage shot.
  • Trick shots are easy to perform on this map. Do not let enemies get past the bottom half of the map.
  • Throwers are very good in this map, as their attacks won't get blocked by the barriers and they could shoot anywhere they want.
  • Rico can use his Super Bouncy Star Power to deal more damage because there are lots of walls and obstacles to bounce his attack/Super.


  • On 15/12/20, Happy Feet was added to the game.
  • On 27/01/21, Happy Feet was removed from the game.