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"Griff is the proprietor of Starr Park's gift shop. Business is bad, but he still throws coins away - from his employees' tip jar!"
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Griff is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked early for a limited time by winning the Griff Challenge or can be unlocked from Brawl Boxes. Griff has moderate health and high damage potential. He attacks by firing 3 waves of 3 coins that each spread out in a cone. His Super throws 5 banknotes that travel forward and return to him, deal more damage the farther they travel, and spread out in a cone. His Gadget, Piggy Bank, drops a piggy bank that explodes after a delay, dealing area damage and knocking enemies back while also destroying obstacles. His first Star Power, Keep the Change, allows him to unload his attack faster. His second Star Power, Business Resilience, periodically and fractionally heals his missing health.

Attack: Coin Toss

"Angry Griff pelts opponents with coins. He throws three salvos that spread out in a cone."

Griff fires 3 waves that each consist of 3 coins, with the coins spreading out in a cone formation. The attack deals a high amount of damage at close range, where most or all of the coins can hit an enemy. Because his attack fires 3 waves, the unload speed is slow, taking 1.05 seconds to complete.

Super: Cashback

"Griff throws a bunch of sharp-edged banknotes in a wide cone. Too valuable to just give away, they return to him, and may cause paper cuts twice to the same target. Opponents further away take more damage."

Griff throws 5 piercing banknotes that travel forward, spin in place for 1 second, and then return to him, dealing damage when traveling and when returning. The Super deals high damage if multiple banknotes hit an enemy. The banknotes can't travel through obstacles when thrown, but can travel through obstacles when returning. The banknotes spread out in a wide cone and deal more damage the farther they travel.

Gadget: Piggy Bank

"Griff drops a firecracker-filled piggy bank that, after a short delay, explodes destroying obstacles and dealing 1000 damage to opponents within range."

Griff drops a piggy bank that explodes after a 2.5 second-delay, dealing 1000 damage and knocking enemies back while also destroying obstacles in a 2.67 tile radius.

Star Powers

Keep the Change

"Furious Griff tosses coins faster, reducing the time for a full salvo by 35%."

Griff reduces his attack’s unload time by 35%, reducing it from 1.05 seconds to 0.68 seconds.

Business Resilience

"Every 2 seconds, Griff regains up to 10% of his missing health."

This Star Power heals Griff for 10% of his missing health every 2 seconds, so the less health Griff has, the more he will heal. Unlike self-regeneration, this Star Power heals Griff even when attacking or taking damage. The amount of health Griff can heal can affected by outside health buffs or healing debuffs.


  • Although Griff can hit more banknotes with his Super at close range, the Super deals less damage at close range which results in less Super charge. Prioritize his Super on farther enemies to deal more damage, receive more Super recharge, and a sufficient amount of time to reposition himself so that the banknotes hit enemies while they’re returning.
  • Griff struggles in long-ranged combat due to his slow unload speed. His attack does deal high damage but its full potential requires Griff to be at close range. Conversely, Griff can still be effective at long-ranged combat if he attacks enemies at the tip of his range, where he can hit most of or all of the coins.
  • Griff's Keep the Change Star Power offers him more protection against close-ranged Brawlers since he’s able to attack faster. Griff’s Super can be combined with his attack to defend against those Brawlers.
  • Griff's Super can force enemies out of where it travelled. You can use this for area denial such as blocking off the zones in Hot Zone, the Gem mine in Gem Grab, or the Bolt spawns in Siege.
  • Griff's attack and Super’s high damage output coupled with his reasonable reload speed make him viable in Heist. Griff's Keep The Change Star Power compensates for his slow unload speed, which allows him to consistently attack the safe, and his Piggy Bank Gadget is useful in defense and offense to knock enemies away from the team’s safe or to deal extra damage to the enemy safe.
  • If enemies are hiding and taking cover behind obstacles, you can use your Piggy Bank Gadget to destroy those obstacles and use your high-damaging attack to defeat them afterwards.
  • Griff’s Super has high burst damage regardless of range. Because of this, his Super can be used in a lot of situations such as using it to devastate enemies directly, keeping close-ranged enemies at bay, or to quickly defeat enemy Gem carriers in Gem Grab.
  • Griff’s Business Resilience Star Power will heal you even when you’re attacking or taking damage. You can use this to heal while fighting, which makes it more difficult for enemies to defeat you, or to heal while working towards a mode objective as enemies will be attacking you while doing so.
  • Try to hit at least 2 or more opponents with his Super, as this will give Griff back more of his Super, and put most Brawlers into a range in which they can be finished off with Griff's main attack or another Super. This is rather easy to do due to the long range and wide spread of Griff's Super.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Open for business."
"Sweet smell of success!"
"That's coming out of your paycheck!"
"Should have read the terms and conditions!"
"We are closed! Huh..."
Griff laughs
"You break it! You bought it..."
"I knew I could do it. Tuh-hee."
"Don't touch the merchandise!"
"No. Refunds!"
"Tell the bank I'm busy..."
"Money money money! Money money money!"
"Another day? Another dollar!"
"Everyone gets a 2% discount!"
"Ooh, you cost me a sale!"
"Ah-ah-ah-ahem. Are you browsing or buying?"
"I'll be right with you. Aha-ha-ha."
"Ding ding ding ding!"
"All sales are final!"
"Huh-ho! Ka-ching!"
"Oh! I-I have the money. Don't worry!"
"You just had to refuse my final offer!"
"Only a minor setback."
"Winner winner winner winner!"
"Ooh! 5% discount on selected items."
"Uh-huh. It's a bling thing."
"Uh— you know, just take it up with my accountant... please?"
"Cash. Only!"
"I can't take it anymore! Bah-h-h-h..."
"Free coins!"
"Oh. Another customer!"
"Cash is king!"
"Uh-heh-heh! Everything is fine!"
"Warranty expired!"
"I! Owe! You!"
"Ho-ho, have a refund!"
"Ooh! I have just what you need!"
"You can't spell refund! Without fu-un!"
"Get outta my shop!"
"Huh-heh-hey! Ka-ching!"
"Here is your refund!"
"Only the best deals!"
"Refunds for everyone!"
"How may I help you?"
"Everything's for sale!"
"Oh yeah. Just keep buying."
"You try! You buy!"


  • 23/7/21:
    • Griff became available in the Griff Challenge. Neutral
  • 27/7/21:
  • 29/7/21:
    • Griff became available in Brawl Boxes. Neutral
  • 09/8/21:
    • Griff's Business Resilience Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 27/10/21:
    • Griff's Business Resilience healing was increased to 10% (from 7%). Buff
    • His class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Fighter). Neutral
  • 22/12/21:
    • The Sleigher Griff skin was added. It was featured as a Brawlidays 2021 skin. Neutral