Grassy Gorge is a community map for the Showdown event. It was a map added in the July 2020 Update. This map is affected by the Energy Drink modifier.


The map contains a notable amount of rope fencing near the lakes and center. Power Cube boxes are found in pairs, two of which are in the center. Bushes are S-shaped, protecting Brawlers from common bush-checking techniques. The center bottom and top contain a box shaped wall formation that opens into the central passage where Brawlers are open for attack.


  • The center rope fencing acts as cover from short-ranged Brawlers but allows Brawlers to snipe you down in the bush edges. Taking the Power Cubes here is a high risk move, with little reward for doing so.
  • The safest bush in this map is the four diagonal bushes around the center.
  • Sharpshooters can utilize the open areas early in the match, but as the poison clouds close in they should stay away from the diagonal bushes at all times.
  • Each Brawler should aim to open at least two Power Cube boxes, after so there'll only be four left. A few Brawlers will compete for the remaining Power Cubes, but overall Brawlers should aim in getting kills by this point in the match.
  • High spread Brawlers such as Pam can safely snatch the center's Power Cubes. When playing with a team the chances of being flanked by multiple Brawlers decreases tremendously early in the match.
    • This strategy works best when spawning in the sides where Power Cubes are more sparse and this extra boost is needed.
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