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Goldarm Gulch is an official map for the Knockout event.


The map's center is surrounded by small wall clusters with the sides edged with bushes. At the spawns are larger wall formations facing the center with bushes directly behind.


  • Piper with her Ambush Star Power can go to the long bushes at the sides of the map and snipe out others, once you get her Super use it to blow up enemy bushes and walls to help snipe easily.
  • Throwers and Mr. P can control the spawning sides and the center of the map. For Mr. P, he can place his Super behind a wall to provide maximum coverage.
  • Retreating to the spawn walls is not recommended if there is an enemy thrower. Instead, move towards the side bushes.
  • Control both side lanes at all times. If they are not this risks having the mid lane Brawler getting taken out which will likely be a thrower which are vulnerable when pressured.
  • Bo with his Super Totem gadget and Snare a Bear star power can be deadly. Placing your Totem behind the spawn wall is a good strategy unless there are throwers in the enemy.
  • Sprout with his Garden Mulcher gadget and Photosynthesis Star Power can easily control a side lane, even against a heavyweight. When in danger, he can use his gadget and super to surprise the opponent.
  • A good strategy would be using three throwers camping at your spawn and attacking the opponents as they come towards you, but be wary of the smoke as the opponents could just as easily wait you out or a brawler like Buzz, Edgar or El Primo with a super can easily teamwipe as throwers have low-health.


  • On 7/4/21, Goldarm Gulch was added to the game.
  • On 25/8/21, the environment of Goldarm Gulch had changed from the Actionshow theme to the Castle Courtyard theme.