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This article describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

"Smash the city! Destroy enemy building while defending yours.
Pick up transform tokens and turn into Godzilla or Mechagodzilla!"
Godzilla City Smash

Godzilla City Smash is an Event that was introduced in the April 2024 update and is the successor of Super City Rampage. In this event, there are two teams consisting of three players each. On opposite sides of the arena, there is a city designated to each team. The objective is to protect your city and to destroy the opposing city. If one city is taken out, the win automatically goes to the team that destroyed the city. If neither city is destroyed, the win is based on whose city has a higher health percentage. If one team's city has lower health than the other's city, that other team wins the game. If both cities have the same percentage of health after the timer runs out, or if both cities are destroyed simultaneously, then the game ends in a draw.

A bolt/paw-print spawns at each other team's spawn point. If a player picks it up, they will turn into Godzilla or Mechagodzilla, which both have very high health, chomp buildings, and use lasers for their Super. The bolt will respawn again after 10 seconds when the player who is the Godzilla or Mechagodzilla on their respective team is defeated.

As Godzilla/Mechagodzilla, the player's speed is reduced to Very Slow and they have a single swiping attack that deals very high damage, has a short range, very fast reload, one ammo bar, and destroys buildings. They also charge their Super in two hits, which is a laser with a very wide and long range that destroys buildings and deals high damage per tick. However, other players will charge their Supers noticeably faster off them. Additionally, Godzilla/Mechagodzilla can walk on lakes, cannot be stunned or knocked back and cannot heal by themselves.

Useful Brawlers[]

  • Brock: With his Super, Brock can shoot at the buildings and deal massive damage. He can also shoot at the buildings from a distance and his teammates can get in more easily. Brock can also use his Rocket Fuel Gadget to break walls on the enemy side. He can use his Rocket No. Four Star Power to help deal damage to the buildings and defend, and his More Rockets Star Power further increases the damage onto the buildings with his Super.
  • Dynamike: Enabled by the high amounts of walls and slow movement speed of Godzilla/Mechagodzilla, Dynamike can easily cycle Supers and demolish huge amounts of turf, while dealing massive damage to the opposing team's kaiju.
  • Meg: With her Mutation, Meg shoots out a ludicrous amount of projectiles, allowing her to whittle down the opposing Godzilla/Mechagodzilla's health and control high amounts of area. Her Super and Attack both deal high amounts of damage, allowing her to destroy huge amounts of buildings and quickly set off any bombs to destroy even more turf.
  • Rico and Ruffs: As their projectiles can bounce off and damage buildings at the same time, Rico and Ruffs can easily shut off sectors of the map while still dealing consistent damage. Their Mutations and Rico's Multiball Launcher Gadget will also scatter stray projectiles everywhere, causing the buildings to be destroyed even faster and preventing opponents from healing thanks to the flurry of projectiles.
  • Carl: Carl can excel in this map thanks to his Super and even better, his Mutation. He can destroy a lot of buildings in a short amount of time with his Super, and his Mutation will allow him to travel vast distances while destroying enemy buildings.
  • Colt: Colt, paired with his Mutation and Magnum Special Star Power, is dominative in this mode. His bullets have an extended range and can pierce through both team and enemy buildings, allowing him to deal damage to enemy buildings while taking cover from team buildings. Consequently, if an enemy is damaging team buildings and is using them as a cover, Colt can shoot through team buildings in order to defeat this enemy. Colt can also benefit from rows of enemy buildings as he can pierce through them, letting him deal a significant amount of damage in a short time interval.
  • Byron: A powerful single-target healer, Byron can continuously heal his team's kaiju, justifying their high damage and increasing survivability. His long range also means he can poke at the opposing team's Godzilla/Mechagodzilla from a distance, while his Super allows him to deal huge damage to clustered-up brawlers and halt advances.
  • Hank: Hank's Super and Mutation allows him to deal massive damage to the opposing team's Godzilla/Mechagodzilla at point blank range, thus effectively taking down it. His attack also deals a massive circular damage in front of him which can damage clusters of buildings at once.
  • Max: Max's Super can help your team Godzilla/Mechagodzilla to go faster at the opposing team building. The only difficulty is to charge your Super.


  • You don't have to always pick up the bolt/paw-print when it is available. Your team may include a trio of Brawlers that function excellently in this game mode, which would give you an advantage over the enemy team if you have high damage-per-second Brawlers against the other team. Also, keep in mind that transforming into Godzilla/Mechagodzilla will reduce your speed and attack range, so sometimes it is better to remain the Brawler you are to benefit from the normal speed and the long range.
    • Alternatively, let the teammate with the weakest or most functionless Brawler pick up the bolt/paw-print, as they would benefit more from Godzilla's powers than their abilities.


  • On 25/04/24, Godzilla City Smash was added to the game.
  • On 03/05/24, several glitches were patched. Godzilla's health was increased to 19000 (from 15000) and its movement speed was increased to 550 (from 500). Buildings now have an increased health.
  • On 22/05/24, fixed Mechagodzilla's sound effects.
  • On 25/06/24, Godzilla City Smash was removed from the game.