Gift Wrap is an official map for the Gem Grab event.

Forks Out was an identical replica of this map for use in the Heist event.


The map contains a large amount of horizontal walls that separate the map into layers. The sides are open with vertical bushes edging a large portion of it. Near each team are L-shaped fencing and barriers which leave small openings Brawlers can use to trap themselves in for protection. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Throwers are able to dominate the map because of its confined pathways and large amounts of cover.
  • Avoid trapping yourself in your team if there are throwers. If you would like to protect yourself when a countdown starts only hide behind the horizontal walls.
  • Heavyweights should stay near the center as the vertical lanes are more fit for fighters.
  • Sharpshooters should not stay near the center as they have a lack of space to shoot from unless they move forward. They should move to the side lanes where they can stop Brawlers from camping behind the fencing.
  • If you would like to trap enemy Brawlers by their side go towards the right lane and move inward towards the largest horizontal wall by their side.
  • Destroy the walls by your side if you're able to. Heavyweights such as Bull can easily leave you trapped forcing you to switch lanes which wastes valuable time.


  • On 26/12/18, Gift Wrap was added to the game.
  • On 29/1/19, Gift Wrap was removed from the game.
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