Gift Gems (orignally called Sandy Gems) is a community map for the Heist event, added in the Summer of Robots update.


The center of the map is shaped into a diamond with tight-knit lanes on the outskirts. The side lanes lead to four diagonal corner lanes of bushes that connect to the spawning locations. The center contains a rhombus like wall with bushes in the periphery. The center-left has access to the left lane and the center-right has access to the right lane. Otherwise, the safes are protected by walls aside from the diagonal lanes and two entrances.


  • Carl can constantly use his attack against the safe using the wall to the bottom of it which is just three tile away from the safe, although he is better protected by strafing near the diagonal lanes.
  • Use Brawlers like Brock and Shelly to fully take down the blocks at the front of the safe, so that teammates can push through the opposing team and attack without obstacles in the way. Keep in mind that shorter ranged Brawlers may need these walls for protection meaning leaving two tiles worth of walls is ideal.
  • Throwers like Barley and Dynamike can attack the safe from the bushes in front of it. Keep track of the bushes on the side when choosing this route as an opposing team heavyweight such as Bull and Darryl may sneak up from around the corner and go into nearby bushes.
  • Make sure to check the bushes beside around the spawn points to prevent enemy Brawlers, especially ones with high damage output from damaging the safe. Brawlers with wide attacks such as Mr. P can accomplish this task with a single attack.
  • The map has a lot of bushes, use Bull, El Primo or Darryl to sneak up to the enemy safe. In the case of Bull or El Primo, they are better off using the side lanes.
  • Brawlers such as Nita or Jessie can take control of most of the middle. In the case of Jessie putting her turret on top of the wall protecting the safe inside the bushes ensures that all four points are open as well that Scrappy is hidden from view.
  • If using Rico always check the side lanes with his bounce shots in case an enemy slips through. If teammates need assistance in the center, bounce shots off the center wall to cover ground.
  • The diagonal corner bushes are great for throwers to sneak up and attack the safe, using the walls around the bush to avoid enemy attacks. The throwers can wait until the enemies respawn and leave to attack the safe.
  • Colt is very strong in the side lanes because of how narrow the lanes are and can attack the safe through the top left or right side of the map while hiding behind the walls to heal up.
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