"Gene uses his magic lamp to shoot a splitting projectile. His super is a magical hand that grabs and pulls enemies close!"
Gene Portrait

Gene is a Mythic Brawler who has a moderate amount of health and uses a magic lamp to cast his attacks. His attack can do high damage to a single enemy or less damage to multiple enemies. Gene's Super grabs an enemy and drags them to Gene's location. His first Star Power, Magic Puffs, heals his allies for 400 health a second if they are within 4.5 tiles of him. His second Star Power, Spirit Slap, increases the damage of his main attack by 300 when his Super is fully charged.

Attack: Smoke Blast

"Gene shoots a solid ball of magical smoke from his lamp. If the ball doesn't hit a target, it splits up and spreads the damage in a cone."
Gene shoots a medium-range ball that deals 1000 damage and travels relatively slowly. If it doesn't hit a target, it splits up in a cone (in a similar way to Penny) and the damage is equally distributed between 6 projectiles, giving him an additional 5.33 tiles. Keep in mind it will not split when it hits an enemy, unlike Penny.

Super: Magic Hand

"Gene launches a magical hand from his lamp. If the hand hits an enemy, they get pulled back to Gene's location!"
Gene shoots a medium-range hand that passes through obstacles. If it hits an enemy Brawler, it will pull the opponent to Gene, breaking all walls the enemy goes through and stunning them for half a second. Magic Hand will not break walls if Gene doesn't grab anyone. His pull is interrupted if his target gets hit by a minecart.

Gadget: Lamp Blowout

"All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 700 health."

Star Powers

Magic Puffs

"Gene heals all friendly Brawlers around him for 400 health per second."
Within a relatively small radius of Gene, all friendly brawlers will be healed 400 health per second. This does not apply to Gene himself, or pets and turrets (i.e Scrappy, Tick's Head). This area's size is about the size of Pam's Healing Station's area of effect.

Spirit Slap

"When Gene's Super is fully charged he does +300 damage with his attack."
This increases Gene's main attack damage by 300 once his Super is fully charged, for a total of 1700 damage. The effect is lost if Gene uses his Super.


  • You can extend how far your Super pulls someone by walking backwards as soon as you launch your Super. It is also extended if Gene uses a Launch Pad while firing his Super.
  • While an enemy is being pulled by Gene, they are unable to do anything. It is therefore recommended to start shooting at them the moment you have grabbed them and not afterwards.
  • In Duo Showdown, Gene can be deadly when paired up with a close ranged brawler like Bull, as you can pull someone in and let your teammate finish them off easily.
  • Gene's Super interrupts enemy attacks and Supers, so he can stop Carl from spinning, Frank from landing his Super, etc.
  • Gene's Super is an incredibly useful skill-shot. It can target the highest-value target and drag them into your team for an easy kill. It is also a fantastic way to engage low-health enemies.
  • His Super can be used very effectively in Big Game to drag the boss toward your group of allies so that they can deal extra damage.
  • The effectiveness of Gene's Super can be more significant when used in Events with Modifiers active. It can be used to pull enemies into the area where meteors will land or pull them away from energy drinks and healing mushrooms.
  • In Siege, Gene can pull the Siege Robot away from the base with his Super. Alternatively, he can use his Gadget to instead push the Siege Robot away. These tactics can give his team more time to repel the siege.
  • Gene can also pull enemy Brawlers into the range of his team's turret to have the turret quickly defeat them (unless the turret is attacking another target, so it is advised to only do this when there is no Siege).
  • Gene's pull has priority over every object/entity in the game except against a minecart or another Gene that is pulling someone. This means Gene can pull enemies into minecarts to deal 2000 damage.
    • Gene can also make use of his Gadget Lamp Blowout to push enemies into minecarts to also deal 2000 damage.
  • Since Gene's attack has a very wide spread angle, it is very effective at bush checking.

Voice Lines

Gene vo 01
Gene laughs
Gene vo 02
Gene laughs
Gene vo 03
Gene laughs
Gene vo 04
Gene laughs
Gene vo 05
Gene laughs
Gene vo 06
Gene laughs
Gene vo 07
Gene laughs
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Gene laughs
Gene vo 09
Gene laughs
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Gene laughs
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Gene laughs
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Gene laughs
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Gene laughs
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Gene laughs


  • 15/2/19:
    • Gene was added to the game. Neutral Image
  • 27/2/19:
    • Gene's Super was changed to no longer deal damage. Nerf Image
    • His Super can travel through walls (breaking walls when pulling back a target), and charge 30% faster. The Super projectile size was also increased to 200 (from 150). Buff Image
    • Also, Gene's Star Power healing effect is no longer shown to enemies and was increased to 200 health per second (from 100 per second). Buff Image
    • He was given voice-over lines. Neutral Image
  • 1/3/19:
    • Gene's Super was changed so that it can grab pets and turrets like Nita's bear or Pam's Healing Station. Buff Image
  • 15/4/19:
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Gene to pull the Robot boss so that it got stuck in Boss Fight. Neutral Image
    • Fixed a bug that caused Gene's pull to stick enemies inside walls when pulling close to an indestructible wall. Neutral Image
    • Fixed a bug that didn't allow Gene to pull enemies with his Magic Hand while being poisoned by Crow. Neutral Image
    • When a pulled enemy dies during the pull the hand no longer destroys the environment. When Gene is pulling a target with his Magic Hand the target cannot be pulled by another Gene. Neutral Image
    • Quickfire now takes into account the added range from the projectile splitting. Buff Image
  • 11/6/19:
    • Gene's Super range was decreased to 7.66 tiles (from 9 tiles). Nerf Image
    • His Super can now interrupt the healing process of the enemy being grabbed. Buff Image
  • 7/8/19:
    • Gene's Star Power Pat on the Back was added. Neutral Image
  • 29/8/19:
    • Gene's second Star Power was renamed to Spirit Slap (from Pat on the Back) and had reworked. Neutral Image
  • 19/9/19:
    • The Pirate Gene skin was added. Neutral Image
  • 9/10/19:
    • Gene's Magic Puffs healing was increased to 300 (from 200). Buff Image
  • 23/10/19:
    • Gene's Magic Puffs healing was increased to 400 (from 300). Buff Image
  • 21/11/19:
    • Gene's animations were reworked. Neutral Image
  • 17/3/20:
    • Gene's Gadget Lamp Blowout was added. Neutral Image
  • 7/4/20:
    • Gene's Lamp Blowout healing was decreased to 700 (from 1000). Nerf Image


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