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G.G. Mortuary (originally called G.G. Corral) is an official map for the Heist event.


The map is split into three horizontal lanes zig-zagging around the center. The top and bottom section of the map contain fencing and large bush clusters. Each horizontal lane contains shortcuts that can be traversed with the use of lakes. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Brawlers that have wall-breaking abilities will save valuable time. Breaking the middle wall near the enemy lake lets teammates camp near the fencing, distracting opponents from their main objective.
  • The large strip of bushes surrounding each safe should only be used when defending the safe from enemy Brawlers. Ambushing enemies in their strip of bushes will only end up in wasted ammo.
  • If using a heavyweight, use Darryl as he gains an extra boost to his Super’s range with the use of the lakes. Darryl also does not need to damage Brawlers consistently to charge his Super.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers should be able to do high burst damage when defending and attacking the safe. Colt and Rico are great at this. in addition, colt can use his silver bullet gadget to break down walls in the enemy team's side to lower their defense
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers should act as supports, using their Supers to block off choke points.
  • Dynamike with his Dyna-Jump Star Power can jump over walls, which allows him to take advantage of a quicker, more direct path. He can also throw over the opponent's walls, dealing damage to the safe easily. Brock with his Rocket Laces Gadget can do this as well, but keep in mind that his Gadget only has three charges.
  • Gale can use his Spring Ejector Gadget to allow his teammates and him to jump over the enemy fencing to quickly get to the enemy territory.
  • Certain throwers can hit the safe by standing perpendicular to it beneath the wall on the opponent's side. Penny's Super can also be used to attack the opponents safe directly without getting near it. Penny can also use her gadget, Pocket Detonator to blow down walls. So, she and her teammates can have a easier path at attacking the safe.
  • Try to dominate the central area between the two fences because you can seal the opponents way down with attacks. Try to have at least one high damage Brawler guarding the gap at all times, while others can take turns advancing to the opponent's safe.
  • El Primo's Asteroid Belt Gadget can be very useful for destroying walls on the enemy base, allowing your team directly charge enemy safe.
  • Tick and Barley can be very useful for defending. He can block middle portion with mines allowing great control. Tick's super can only travel in 1 direction, forcing enemies back. Barley's large radius super is amazing on this map, and his gadgets get max effectiveness on this map as well.
  • A good strategy, but a risky one, exists for this particular map. You must have 3 throwers, one of them being Dynamike with his Dyna-Jump Star Power, and preferably Barley, Sprout, or Tick. At the start, all 3 throwers defend enemies from getting to their safe. In the last 10 to 20 seconds, Dynamike can use his Dyna-Jump Star Power to jump all the way to the Heist safe and deal loads of damage while the remaining 2 throwers defend their safe until the end of the match. However, this team can also be used offensively, with Sprout blocking the enemy team from coming out of their territory with his super, while the other two throwers (Barley, Dynamike and/or Tick) wreak havoc on the safe, protected from enemy attacks by the horizontal wall and Sprout's super.
  • Brock is especially good in this map. His long range and Incendiary Star Power enables him to easily control the middle and forces the enemies back while his Gadgets enable him to bypass walls. His super deals a great amount of damage and helps him break walls.
  • Sprout can be good on this map with Bo, as Bo with his Super Totem Gadget can help Sprout build up his Super, and then Sprout can use its super to block the opponents' path of getting to the safe. With its Transplant Gadget, Sprout can keep enemies trapped in their side of the map for large amounts of time, as Sprout can use this Gadget to almost always have a super on the map.
  • Frank and Gale make a good team in G.G Mortuary, as Frank can stun his enemies, and deal massive damage with the Power Grab Star Power. Attempt to jump over the enemy barrier with Gale's Spring Ejector and use Frank's super, as well as Gale's Super and Blustery Blow (Star Power) as enemies take double the stun duration.
  • Bull is really good in this map as he can first charge his super by damaging/taking damage and then bulldozer to the safe and keep on attacking as it will take at least 10-15 seconds for enemies to reach , till then Bull can attack and will deal at least 20 percent damage.


  • On 4/9/17, G.G. Corral was added to the game.
  • On 12/9/17, G.G. Corral was tweaked to remove the boxes around the safe.
  • On 5/10/17, G.G. Corral was tweaked to make offense side more difficult. The HP of the Safe had been increased.
  • On 7/12/17, G.G. Corral was tweaked to improve defense side. Defenders now don't spawn in front of the safe of G.G. Corral.
  • On 18/12/17, G.G. Corral was tweaked to make offense side even more difficult. This update also fixed an issue where Darryl could get stuck into water.
  • On 22/12/17, G.G. Corral was tweaked to once again make offense side more difficult.
  • On 21/5/18, G.G. Corral was tweaked to implement Heist 2.0.
  • On 5/12/18, G.G. Corral was widened by 4 tiles.
  • On 29/1/19, G.G. Corral was removed from the game.
  • On 10/9/20, G.G. Corral was added back to the game. G.G. Corral was renamed to G.G. Mortuary. The environment of G.G. Mortuary had changed from Canyon theme to Mortuary theme.
  • On 31/10/20, G.G. Mortuary was featured in the Brawl-O-ween Challenge as a Stage III map.
  • On 21/11/20, G.G. Mortuary was featured in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020 as a Quarterfinals map against Jupiter vs INTZ, and as a Semi-finals map against SK Gaming and PSG Esports.
  • On 27/1/21, the environment of G.G. Mortuary had changed from Mortuary theme to Canyon theme.
  • On 15/3/21, G.G. Mortuary was featured in the Season 1 Power League as a Heist map.
  • On 7/4/21, G.G. Mortuary was no longer featured in the Season 2 Power League as a Heist map.
  • On 16/6/21, G.G. Mortuary was removed from the game.
  • On 25/8/21, G.G. Mortuary was added back to the game. The environment of G.G. Mortuary had changed from the Canyon theme to the Castle Courtyard theme.
  • On 28/9/21, G.G. Mortuary was removed from the game.