G.G. Corral is an official map for the Heist event.


The map is split into three horizontal lanes zig-zagging around the center. The top and bottom section of the map contain fencing and large bush infested areas. Each horizontal lane contains shortcuts that can be traversed with the use of lakes.


  • Brawlers that have wall-breaking abilities will save valuable time. Breaking the middle wall near the enemy lake lets your team camp near the fencing, distracting opponents from their main objective.
  • The large strip of bushes surrounding your safe should only be used if you need to retain position. Ambushing enemies in their strip of bushes will only end up in wasted ammo.
  • Heavyweights are at a serious disadvantage on this map. Brawlers in this map will likely break most of the major walls in a matter of seconds.
    • If using a heavyweight, use Darryl as they gain an extra boost to their Super range with the use of the lakes. Darryl also doesn't need to damage Brawlers consistently to charge their Super.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers should be able to do consistent damage when defending and attacking the safe. Colt and Rico are great at this.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers should act as supports, using their Supers to block off choke points.
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