G.G. Corral-Map

Map of G.G. Corral

G.G. Corral is a removed official map for the Heist event.


Each team's Safe is surrounded by a wall. Both teams have a section of bushes in front of their safe.

Name Count
Barrel 8
Wooden Box 20
Wooden Fence 32
Lake 2
Green Bush 160


  • Generally, Brawlers that have some sort of "block-destroying" super power, are better for Heist maps. This is because of the fact that the safes are surrounded by a wall of some sort. So, if you break through the wall, it will boost your win chance considerably.
  • Use the large strip of bushes in front of your safe to your advantage. They can be very useful to hide in, and shoot enemies from a distance in.
    G.G Corrall Strat
  • A good strategy would be to get a block-smashing brawler and smash the section shown on the right in the circled section. Once you get through that, You will be able to get through to the enemy safe much faster than they can get to yours.
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