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Friendly Fire: Off is a community map for the Wipeout event.


The map has 3 lakes, more covering the right portion of the map. As you reach the center, there is a lake at the center, along with some walls. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Throwers can use the furthest 1x5 back wall to attack, without needing to rush middle completely.
    • To counter this, use wall-breaking Supers/Star Powers/Gadgets to destroy the walls, so that throwers have a much less viability.
  • Sprout is an example of a Thrower that can use the walls of the map to its advantage. Its long range, especially when paired with the Overgrowth Star Power, allow it to dominate against long-ranged Brawlers while still enjoying cover. Sprout's Super is especially useful at blocking many lanes, such as the path of bushes directly below the enemy's spawn.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers like Piper and Brock are recommended on this map, due to how open it is and the narrowness of the paths there are to help you shoot better. Sharpshooters are also effective at hitting shots in fairly tight spaces caused by the water in the back.
  • Spawn camping is a decent idea here as the paths here are narrow and you can shoot the enemies easily.
  • Melee brawlers are discouraged in this map, as they will have trouble getting close to the other team, as the map is very open with little cover.
  • Eve is a niche choice on this map. Utilizing her trait to hover over the water on your side of the map grants her vast maneuverability and helps her avoid tight situations and incoming projectiles. She is also able to protect her Super behind the many walls near her spawn.


  • On 01/03/22, Friendly Fire: Off was added to the game.
  • On 27/04/22, the environment of Friendly Fire: Off was changed from the Biodome theme to the Stunt Show theme.
  • On 24/08/22, Friendly Fire: Off was featured in the Hardest Challenge as a Bronze Stage map.
  • On 31/08/22, the environment of Friendly Fire: Off was changed from the Stunt Show theme to the Canyon theme.
  • On 14/11/22, Friendly Fire: Off was featured in the Action Hero Challenge as a Stage III map. Friendly Fire: Off was affected by the Meteor Shower Modifier.
  • On 28/02/23, Friendly Fire: Off was removed from the game.