Forsaken Falls is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the Brawl-o-ween update. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier. Also, this is the only Showdown map that does not have Power Cube boxes.


The center has plus shaped bushes with lakes and walls layering it. This Showdown map does not have any Power Cube boxes. In the bottom there are trees and 4x4 bushes and towards the top there are a cluster bushes coating fencing and walls. Towards the left are are large L-shaped walls and towards the right is mostly open space. Near each corner is a launch pad protected on two sides by fencing which each lead to a separate zone of the map, and near the center are four launch pads which launch to these launch pads.


  • With Gene, you can easily stand on a launch pad, preferably the center ones and pull an enemy with your Super. Once the launch pad is ready to launch get off to let the enemy get launched directly into the poison.
  • Since this map has no Power Cube boxes, try to use Brawlers that have high damage output alone such as Piper.
  • Always check the middle bush before entering, although by the time the poison reaches the center the middle bush should be already mostly destroyed.
  • The bottom of this map is an excellent location for Crow to poison and take cover consistently.
  • If using Darryl wait for the center walls to be destroyed before attempting to use a roll to cross water. Using rolls to ambush Brawlers in the outskirts is only recommended in the bottom-left where you have more cover.
  • The bushes near the center are perfect for Brock who can bush-check quickly. Preferably, the walls covering the lakes should be destroyed. If Brock is in a tricky situation he'll have the opportunity to cross the lakes with use of his Gadget.
  • The top of this map is an excellent place for assassins such as Leon to hide, however only enter these bushes if you know for sure there is no heavyweight that could take you out.
  • Generally, it is better to play passive at the beginning. Most opponents tend to start fights early in the match, and since Power Cubes are sparse playing passive is often the much safer option.
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