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Flying Fantasies is a community map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier.


Flying Fantasies is a map with green bushes and lots of creeks/lakes. This map has launch pads throughout the map.


  • There are many launch pads across the map. Use them as a melee brawler to surprise wandering brawlers, or also to surprise anyone using the pads!
  • The pads generally take the players to a spot with many boxes. Use that wisely, either to lure in other players or to collect many Power Cubes!
  • Carl is one of the best brawlers to use in this map. Since the passageways are rather narrow, there is a higher chance for him to hit his shots. Using the launch pads, he can use his Super at enemies in the middle.
  • Close-range brawlers can be used well as they can take the launch pads to get close to enemies.
  • The launch pads come in handy when you are escaping from enemy brawlers.
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