Flooded Mine is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


This map acts as the Snake Prairie version of Gem Grab given the fact there are so many bushes. It doesn't have much walls which to hide with, but it does have a lot of bushes.


  • Close-ranged Brawlers can hide in the side bushes and attack the enemies if they are close enough.
    • For Leon and Crow, they can hide in the bushes and then directly ambush them, for Crow he will need to retreat since he doesn't have much health unless he can use his Super.
  • Some of the shooters like Jessie and Penny should put their turrets far from the gem mine and can shoot from there.
    • For Mr. P he can use his Super far from the generator so enemies don't target it.
  • Piper and Bea should hide in the bushes and shoot from there since their hits are more powerful far away, especially if Piper uses their Ambush Star Power.
  • Brawlers that can shoot their enemies above the wall should reside in the bushes so allies can help you as they come along their way.
  • Sandy can use his Super on top of the gem mine since it can connect with the bushes, allowing sharpshooters to come directly into the sandstorm and attack enemies.
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