Feast or Famine is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Energy Drink modifier.


This map can spawn up to 8 power boxes in the center of the map, as well as 16 more scattered around the ring of brawlers. Because of this, once you spawn, you could either stay on the outside and collect only a few power cubes, or risk going into the center to get many more.


  • Due to the large amounts of bushes in the center, you will not be able to see all of the brawlers inside, until you get close to them. Because of this, using brawlers like Shelly and Bull can be useful, as they excel at close-range combat.
    • Also, using Bo (with his Circling Eagle) can also work when heading into the center, as the Star Power can help with seeing the other brawlers before they can see him, so that you can have time to decide how you want to handle the brawler.
  • If you would rather collect the boxes on the outside, then you could also use Colt or Barley. These brawlers can do more damage and have a longer range than typical brawlers like Bull and Shelly, so they can counter those types of brawlers. But, here's some things you should know:
    • Don't head into the center right as you spawn; you will not be able to do enough damage at close range.
    • When fighting a brawler that you outrange, don't run towards them, unless they are running away from you.
    • When you want to enter a bush, and you aren't sure if there is somebody inside, always check if there is a brawler inside. If nobody was hit, you're clear to go in.
    • If you want a double prize, use Bull or any other tank unit to kill the brawler nearby. Or just simply bush camp for some brawlers won't check bushes.
  • Since the event modifier for this map is Energy Drink, be sure to check bushes surrounding the drink before taking it. Many brawlers bushcamp around the area, so be careful.
  • Always check the bushes around the map before you rush in since there can sometimes be tanks and there can sometimes be Piper.
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