Feast or Famine is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier.


This map can spawn up to eight power boxes in the center of the map, as well as 16 more scattered around the center ring of Brawlers. Because of this, once you spawn you could either stay on the outside and collect only a few power cubes, or risk going into the center to get many more. Outside of this ring are large amounts of trunks and walls with open space only widely available in the top left of this map near candles.


  • Due to the large amounts of bushes in the center, you will not be able to see all of the Brawlers inside until you get close to them. Because of this, using Brawlers like Shelly and Bull can be useful, as they excel at close-range combat. Jacky can wipe out boxes and enemy brawlers simultaneously with her main attack as well.
    • Also, using Bo (with his Circling Eagle Star Power) can also work when heading into the center, as the Star Power can help with seeing the other Brawlers before they can see him. This gives you time to decide how you want to handle the Brawler.
  • If you would rather collect the boxes on the outside, then you could also use 8-BIT or Carl. These Brawlers can do more damage and have a longer range than typical Brawlers like Bull and Shelly, so they can counter those types of Brawlers.
  • Most Brawlers can be used for this map as there are some enclosed spaces for throwers, and open space for sharpshooters and a few close-range combat areas.
    • Don't head into the center-right as you spawn; you will not be able to do enough damage at close range.
    • Don't run towards Brawlers that you out-range, unless they are running away from you.
    • When you want to enter a bush, and aren't sure if there is a Brawler inside, always check to make sure there isn't one with an attack. If nobody was hit, you're clear to go in.
    • Try not to enter the center with a sharpshooter, as it is almost impossible to scout the entire area for enemies, as they can just hide behind the blocks to avoid your scouting shots.
    • If you want a double prize, use Bull or any other tank unit to kill the Brawler nearby, or just simply bush camp as some Brawlers won't check bushes namely other tanks.
  • You can use Leon's clone from his Clone Projector Gadget to go and detect enemies that are in the center.
  • You can also use Nita's bear from her Super to pressure and find enemies camping in bushes.
  • You can use Poco or Gene to check bushes because of their wide spread attack.
  • Meteors will more likely destroy the bush and walls in the middle, so long-range brawlers will have some advantages.
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