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Eye of the Storm is a community map for the Showdown and Lone Star event.


The map has arched bushes and zig-zagging lakes, seemingly being shaped like an eye. The center of this map contains 8 Power Cube boxes, but outside of the center boxes are usually found in pairs. The arched bushes extend outward towards the edges of the map. The bottom left and top right are both secured by double layered walls that leads to little entrances. The center is fairly open with bushes taking a large role in the map's mechanics.


  • Always be cautious in the arched bushes, as you can expect other Brawlers using the same passage as yours.
  • Since Brawlers like Shelly and Bull deal massive amounts of damage at a closer range, they have a high advantage in this map due to the number of bushes to hide in. Stay near the 3x3 magenta walls for cover.
  • This map plays differently in Duo Showdown, so make sure you always have a heavyweight teammate while playing as its highly likely you'll have to play in the side bushes.
  • The bottom left and top right often leave Brawlers trapped which makes Piper's shots almost guaranteed to hit.
  • If using Darryl stay near the bottom right and top left as this is where most of the lakes are located. The bushes near these lakes also connect to the bushes in the other side.
  • Fighters such as Bo are excellent choices of teammates because of having both moderate range and attack which is great for battles that arise early and late in matches.


  • On 27/2/19, Eye of the Storm was added to the game.
  • On 29/8/19, Eye of the Storm was removed from the game.
  • On 18/9/19, Eye of the Storm was added back to the game as a Lone Star map. Eye of the Storm was tweaked to make the lake in the center spilt into two lakes.
  • On 23/10/19, Eye of the Storm was now a Graveyard Shift map. The environment of Eye of the Storm had changed from Storm Valley theme to Mortuary theme .
  • On 18/12/19, Eye of the Storm was now a Showdown map. Eye of the Storm was affected by the Meteor Shower Modifier.
  • On 2/7/20, Eye of the Storm was removed from the game.