Brawl Stars Wiki

Experience can be gained after battles. Unlike Trophies, Experience cannot be lost. Extra Experience is awarded if a Brawler is the "Star Player" of a match. When a player levels up, they receive 20 Tokens as a reward.


Experience is awarded after each Brawl ends. The amount received depends on the player's performance during that match. Being on the winning team for a round of Gem Grab, for example, awards more Experience than one would receive from being on the losing team. The higher a player ranks in a round of Showdown, the more Experience they receive afterward.

After a 3v3 Game, one player is chosen to be the "Star Player." Eligibility is based on a number of factors such as damage dealt and contribution to the Event's main objective, such as goals scored in Brawl Ball. The player who is awarded the "Star Player" title will receive an extra 10 Experience as a reward.

You can only get a maximum of 1000 Experience for one day of playing matches. After 1000 Experience is collected, matches will no longer reward Experience. Star Player bonuses count towards this limit and will not reward the player the extra Experience if the cap (limit) has been reached. A message saying "All Experience collected for today" will appear under the Experience bar after a match to notify the player of the cap.

Experience Levels

Upon reaching a set amount of Experience, the player will reach the next Experience level. Unlike Trophies and Ranks, the amount of Experience earned from Brawls does not change as one reaches higher Experience levels.

It takes 40 Experience Points to go from level 1 to level 2, and each level requires 10 more Experience Points than the last, so at higher levels, leveling up becomes slower. Each time the player levels up, 20 Tokens are received as a reward. Since Experience cannot be lost, Experience level cannot go down, and the Token reward cannot be gained again for a previous level.

Experience levels unlock Profile Icons up to level 120. Experience is not capped at level 120, though.

To see how much more Experience you need, click on your profile.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to be a Star Player to get more Experience. Using an extremely reliable Brawler in a 3v3 mode can help achieve this. You can end up with well over 1000 Experience if you can consistently become Star Player.
    • In Gem Grab, the chances of you becoming Star Player can be increased if you manage to hold on to your Gems for the entire match duration without dying, so roles where Brawlers become Gem carriers will be more likely to be Star Player.
  • Showdown can give the most Experience if one manages to be the sole survivor consistently. Even if you can constantly get Star Player from 3v3 modes, Showdown provides more flexibility. Since Candidates of the Day maps and Winner of the Day maps do not award Trophies, the amount of Experience gained from playing these maps will be greater than regular Events.