Excel is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map consists of pots aligned into four columns and seven rows with bushes growing towards both teams. The middle row is unoccupied with bushes and contains the center star.


  • Throwers generally excel in this map due to the cover and narrow lane-like passages.
  • When using a Thrower in this map, try to avoid destroying walls and bushes, since you need these to attack effectively.
  • If playing as a Sharpshooter, the walls need to be destroyed to reduce cover, making it easier to hit enemy brawlers. Sharpshooters are also useful if the enemies walk in the middle row, far away from cover. They can then move diagonally and deal damage from a safe distance.
  • Heavyweights and assassins can hunt down isolated Brawlers using walls to get close to them.
    • Mortis is a good counter for Dynamike and Barley. Even if you aren't able to land a kill, try to keep these Brawlers away from your team.
  • Brawlers with wall-piercing attacks can deter enemy heavyweights and assassins from inching towards teammates.
  • Although this Brawler is quite difficult to play on this map, Rico is a great choice for this map due to the thinly spaced walls and his ability to chain Supers while bouncing shots.
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