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"Eve believes that everyone can be valuable... as a resource for her babies."
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Eve is a Chromatic Brawler who can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 in Season 11: Biodome, or can be obtained from Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30 in the Season 11 Brawl Pass. She has moderately low health and has a moderately high damage output. Eve's Trait allows her to move over lakes. For her attack, she fires out three eggs that each deal different amounts of damage. Her Super drops a nest egg which, after some time, spawns three hatchlings that chase down the nearest enemies to poison them. Her first Gadget, Gotta Go!, makes Eve jump forward as well as leaving behind a hatchling. Her second Gadget, Motherly Love, makes the hatchlings spawned from her next Super heal her allies. Her first Star Power, Unnatural Order, makes Eve's attack shoot out the biggest egg first and the smallest egg last. Her second Star Power, Happy Surprise, spawns a hatchling when she lands her biggest egg.


"This Brawler can move over water."

Eve's Trait allows her to be able to move on and attack on water.

Attack: Egg Shooter

"Eve shoots three eggs in a row, with each one being bigger and dealing more damage than the previous egg."

Eve fires three eggs in quick succession. The eggs have different sizes, with the smallest egg fired first and the largest egg fired last. Larger eggs have a larger hitbox and deal more damage. Eve's attack has a moderately slow reload speed and a very long cooldown.

Super: Baby Boom

"Eve releases a big egg, which incubates a group of hatchlings. Hatchlings attach to enemies and deal damage over time."

Eve throws out a nest egg over obstacles, and after 5 seconds, it explodes and spawns 3 hatchlings in a triangle formation around it. If the nest egg is destroyed before it explodes, the hatchlings won't spawn. The hatchlings chase the nearest enemies, like Tick's Super, where they poison on contact within a small radius to damage enemies over 4 seconds. The hatchlings also lose 10% of their health every second until they're destroyed. The health of the hatchlings from her super will not be buffed by the amount of power cube you have.


Gotta Go!

"Eve jumps away and leaves behind a hatchling."

Eve jumps forward in the direction she's facing, similar to Brock's Rocket Laces Gadget, allowing her to jump over walls or water, and leaves behind a hatchling. The hatchling has less health than a hatchling from her Super, but will deal the same amount of damage as a hatchling from her Super. When Eve walks on water she can also use this gadget.

Motherly Love

"Hatchlings spawned from an active big egg will now heal allies over time instead of dealing damage."

Activating this Gadget while a nest egg is active allows Eve's hatchlings from her Super to heal her or allies, instead of damaging enemies. The hatchlings heal 25% more than their damage to enemies.

Star Powers

Unnatural Order

"Reverses the order of the eggs shot by her egg shooter."

With this Star Power equipped, Eve shoots the largest egg first and the smallest egg last.

Happy Surprise

"Upon hitting an enemy brawler, the largest egg from her Egg Shooter will spawn a hatchling"

If Eve hits an enemy with the largest egg from her attack, it will spawn a hatchling. The hatchling has less health than a hatchling from her Super, but will deal the same amount of damage as a hatchling from her Super. Similar to Mr. P power cubes could scale up the hatchlings' health as based on the normal health of the hatchlings from her super. Hatchlings from Happy Surprise also charges 5% of her super.


  • Eve has moderate health, but Brawlers like Edgar or Mortis can defeat her with ease because of Eve's slow unload speed. Her Trait perfectly counters this as short-ranged Brawlers like Edgar and Mortis cannot reach her in a sufficiently large lake.
  • Eve's Unnatural Order Star Power allows Eve to fire the biggest egg first. This allows her to deal more immediate damage. This also allows Eve to have slightly more range.
  • Because of Eve's slow unload and reload speed, she can struggle in 1v1 situations with Brawlers with a high damage burst potential like Fang and Edgar, so you should play her passively from a long range, poking in and out of cover similarly to Mr. P.
  • Eve's Gotta Go! Gadget should be used to escape over walls and put distance between you and your enemies, similarly to Brock's Rocket Laces Gadget.
  • On maps with a lot of lakes like Island Invasion, Flowing Springs or Sapphire Plains, Eve can travel across the lakes to reach enemies faster.
  • Because Eve's super takes five seconds to crack open, you may think it's a good idea to place it in the map's backline. However, the hatchlings's health decreases over time, so try to use it decently far, but not too far from enemies.
  • Eve's Happy Surprise star power can be extremely oppressive against single target brawlers like Piper, Byron, Bea, Fang, and cannon form Bonnie, as they have no way to effectively deal with a hatchling invasion.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Look at this primitive life form! Huh, pathetic."
"I gave you life, but really, you gave me mine."


  • 05/03/22:
  • 07/03/22:
    • Eve and her Spiky skin were added to the game. Neutral
  • 31/03/22:
    • Eve’s main attack range was decreased to 9.33 tiles (from 10). Nerf
  • 06/04/22:
    • Eve’s Happy Surprise Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 20/04/22:
    • Eve's Motherly Love Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 27/04/22:
    • Eve's main attack projectile speed was decreased by 5%. Nerf
    • Eve's health was decreased to 2900 (from 3000). Nerf
    • Eve's main attack damage was decreased to 370, 481, 592 (from 400, 520, 640). Nerf